°•*600 follower Raffle!!*•° I shall thank everyone and my beautiful homies for letting me reach a peak that I honestly never thought I'd get to, even tho I'm lazy asf ahh * * °•●Prizes●•° There's going to be 3 winners for this: * °1st prize: *1 digital art piece (full body ) °1 traditional art piece ( waist up ) °1 sketch in whatever media they'd like! (bust up ) * * *2nd Prize: °1 art piece of either media! ( waist up ) °1 digital or traditional sketch * * °3rd Prize: 2 sketches in either media they choose! * * °•RULES•°: * • You must be following! If you unfollow after the raffle is over its an instant block. * •You can only repost ONCE with the tag #Layzee600 If you repost twice I will give you a warning to take it down and if refused you are dropped out of the raffle * •Be sure to tag me! I don't want to miss out on anything at all! * •//dab//
@artsytopaz Pizza and/or Ice cream ! *The pizza would be a struggle for it because of the cheese but they'd be in it for the pepperoni and hamburger meat ye? *Ice cream is sweet and soft! they'd like it but they'd have to eat it whole since they don't have a tongue lol ( the membrane inside their mouth has teeny taste buds on the outside ) * * #layzeebone_Voids
@denom_rs Raw Meat! with those teeth of course they'd love it! they like the taste of flesh in general, especially if you're sweaty * * * #layzeebone_Voids
what would you like to feed it? comment and I'll doodle reactions lol #layzeebone_Voids