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figure skating | 49.6K ☻ (inspiringskaters) Instagram Photos and Videos

figure skating | 49.6K ☻


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yesss queen follow @inspiringskaters for more videos! ❤️ ••• Thanks for 49.6K!💕 Want to be featured? Use the tag inspftme :) Skater: @yunakim skatingprotocol figureskating isugrandprix figureskater iceskating patinaje patinajeartístico patinageartistique フィギュアスケート yuurikatsuki viktornikiforov yurionice yuriplisetsky figureskatingrussia graciegold evgeniamedvedeva yuzuruhanyu ashleywagner фигурноекатание isujgp worlds2018 pyeongchang2018 skating olympics winterolympics olympian hockey

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Iga 🐻 (xiin.cosplays) Instagram Photos and Videos

Iga 🐻


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"If selling my soul is all it takes to win I'll give you my whole body, no holds barred." ✨⛸ • • Anime: Yuri On Ice Character: Yuri Plistesky • • Tags: yurionice yoi yoicosplay yurionicecosplay yurio yuriplisetsky yuricosplay yuriplisteskycosplay cosplay russia iceskating anime Manga viktornikiforov yurikatsuki cosplayer

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WE WERE BORN TO MAKE HISTORYYY (fluffyviktuuri) Instagram Photos and Videos




I love it when Chris fanboys abt viktuuri tbh

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The Skating Lesson (theskatinglesson) Instagram Photos and Videos

The Skating Lesson


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Repost @mae_meite ・・・ This is how I feel about that competition. Thank you Grenoble ❤ IFP2017 📸 : Joosep Martinson figureskating isugrandprix figureskater iceskating patinaje patinajeartístico patinageartistique フィギュアスケート yuurikatsuki viktornikiforov yurionice yuriplisetsky figureskatingrussia graciegold evgeniamedvedeva nathanchen yuzuruhanyu ashleywagner yunakim фигурноекатание isujgp worlds2018 pyeongchang2018 skating olympics winterolympics

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Sara (sara_davai) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Sara:

Victor Nikiforov — Yuri!!! On Ice draw drawing manga anime yurionice victuuri victor victornikiforov viktor viktornikiforov ice iceskating victorxyuuri

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Fanboy🎈 (levibottom) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Im laughing omg . . . . . . . . . . . . . yuri victor yuuri yurio otabek YuuriKatsuki yurikatsuki victornikiforov Yuriplisetsky yuuriPlisetsky anime OtabekAltin vicchan viktor viktornikiforov victuri victuuri yaoi gay lgbt otayuri manga iceskating

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Bethan (bethancantcosplay) Instagram Photos and Videos



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💙 as usual when i have no new content i make aesthetic posts 🤦‍♀️ yoicosplay victornikiforovcosplay victornikiforov viktornikiforov youngvictornikiforov youngviktornikiforov drunkvictor drunkyuuri cosplay ukcosplay britishcosplayer anime cosplaygirl animecosplay aesthetic yoiaesthetic

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Miaaaaa (missing24seven) Instagram Photos and Videos



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YOI standeessss that I’m gonna have on AFASG www yoi viktornikiforov yurionice afasg

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Abby (yuri_on_shitposting) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Beautiful❤️ • • • Credit: humbubs on Tumblr • • yurionice yaoionice victuuri victornikiforov yurikatsuki yuriplisetsky nosebleed nut wowie yoi manga anime yoirp yurionicerp georgipopovich christophegiacometti primaballerina phichitchulanont borntomakehistory tumblr borntoshipvicturi makkachin viktornikiforov yuurikatsuki screencap eros agape onlove otayuri otabekatlin

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your fav nerd🥂 (marvelous.cosplay) Instagram Photos and Videos

your fav nerd🥂


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i had so much fun yesterday at AnimeNYC! i met and spent time with so many awesome people! plus i now have so much great merch, and took fantastic pics! 🙌🏻 - - i wish i could go back 😭 and also i wish i could’ve gone for more days! but im so grateful i was able to be there for at least one! - - hope everyone else who went to anyc or derpycon this weekend had an awesome time!! 💕 - - animenyc animenyc2017 anyc2017 anyc yurionice yurionicecosplay yoi yoicosplay viktornikiforovcosplay viktornikiforov yuurikatsukicosplay yuurikatsuki viktuuri viktuuricosplay

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sλϻϻy (he/she) ‖ Stαrboy ★ (v.iktor_nikiforo.v) Instagram Photos and Videos

sλϻϻy (he/she) ‖ Stαrboy ★


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≫≫ 【SWIPE!】 ┈┈❆┈┈❅┈┈❆┈┈ ‖ Artist ↴ MMEEE! • ╳ [Victor Nikiforov & that boy] ━━━━━━━━━「❈」━━━━━━━━━ ➺ ❝Yuri on Ice❞ ☆ ----- ✮ ----- ★ ⋯ ▼ GUYS GUYS GUYS okay i wasn't originally gonna make a picture of victor but i wanted it to be somewhat yoi related and not go against my account SO ANYWAY i just wanted to share some art that i am very proud of and the last video is the progress of the picture i am ACTUALLY trying to project here please ignore the victor he looks demented and rushed i only spent twenty-five minutes on it I DON'T DO THIS VERY OFTEN also please ignore the irish music in the background of the video i forgot to mute it • · • ┈┈ 『✿』 ┈┈ → please do NOT repost from me! visit the artist's page and support them, do NOT repost without! thank you! ✕ ← ✘ тαgѕ (ιgησяє) yurionice yoi victuri vikturi viktuuri victuuri viktornikiforov victornikiforov yuurikatsuki yurikatsuki yurioplisetsky yuriplisetsky yaoi gay boyslove anime figureskating boyfriends husbands fanart art

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❄💙 Yuri on Ice 💙❄ (yurionice_love_and_life) Instagram Photos and Videos

❄💙 Yuri on Ice 💙❄


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❕❗OMG❗❕💘💋 •••••••••••••••••• ••••••••••••••••••••••••••• (A hana-tox -- Tumblr) yurionice yoi viktornikiforov yurikatsuki viktor yuuri viktuuri loveandlife love kiss ilovethispicture sobeautiful anime ilovethem

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💀Lizzie™ She/Her🌿 (overstressed.fangirl) Instagram Photos and Videos

💀Lizzie™ She/Her🌿


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“Friend” • • • • • yurionice yoi anime otp yaoi viktornikiforov yuurikatsuki yuriplisetsky otabekaltin jeanjacquesleroy phichitcmu viktuuri otayuri

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Setsuna ♪(´ε` ) (visualkeiisdrag) Instagram Photos and Videos

Setsuna ♪(´ε` )


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Favorite thing I got at AnimeNYC this weekend! So excited to see that @sparklyfawn was in artist alley! viktornikiforov victornikiforov yuurikatsuki yurionice anime pins

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Yuri x Viktor 💞❄ (viktuuri_snowflakes) Instagram Photos and Videos

Yuri x Viktor 💞❄


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Ok but can you just imagine them composing their next season's songs 😍 _ Follow me for more daily YOI posts! 💞🔥 Artist: unknown (comment if you know so I can credit them please) _ _ _ _ Tags ❄💞: yurionice yoi yaoi yuuri yuurionice yuri victornikiforov viktuuri vikturi ship katsukiyuri viktornikiforov anime figureskating iceskating skating ice love yuriplisetsky yoifandom yuurikatsuki manga yuzuruhanyu yaoi otayuri gay victuuri victuri art fanart

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Born to make History! ( Instagram Photos and Videos

Born to make History!

Comment from Born to make History!:

They're so gorgeous 💎💕🍑🍑 • • • © Lamenart (on Tumblr) • • • victuuri yurionice loveislove couple gay cute yoi vikturii borntomakehistory iceskating anime viktornikiforov yurikatsuki yuriplisetsky otabekaltin katsudon japan russia pirozhki fanart tumblr fanpage amazin studiomappa sakuratree kawaii 💕

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Anime World Tweet (animeworldtweet) Instagram Photos and Videos

Anime World Tweet


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Abrimos este lunesdehusbandos con el hermoso Viktor Nikiforov❤️ ~Jolyne anime manga loveanime animefan otaku otakulife love fanart yurionice yuurikatsuki victornikiforov viktornikiforov

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Yuri Plisetsky (yurio_katsuki_nikiforov) Instagram Photos and Videos

Yuri Plisetsky


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yurionice yuriplisetsky viktornikiforov anime chrisgiacometti yuurikatsuki milababicheva yakovfeltsman iceskating familyau babyyurio kidyurio tiger

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Maccaboye (victor.makkachin) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Maccaboye:

This is The™ cutest effing thing ever Do Not Try Me On This 2/2 Artist: asticou on tumblr ______________________________ yuri yurikatsuki yuurikatsuki yurionice viktor viktornikiforov victor victornikiforov vikturi victuri victuuri yurio yuriplisetski katsudon christophe manga porkcutletbowl figureskating otabek otabekaltin anime yaoi yuuri jj jjstyle killingstalking

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❌Ryu❌ (ryucosplays) Instagram Photos and Videos



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the best bois™ . . . yurio yurionice yuriplisetsky yuriplisetskycosplay yurionicecosplay anime animecosplay yurikatsuki viktornikiforov yuri cosplay yuriocosplay yuriocosplayer yurionicecosplayer cosplayer

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ヴィクトル ニキフォロフ (http_viktor.nikiforov) Instagram Photos and Videos

ヴィクトル ニキフォロフ


Comment from ヴィクトル ニキフォロフ:

の投稿 ▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂ \( привет! (10:48pm) UTC+08:00 20th Nov 2017 ┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉ M Makka Selfie!!~ ▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂ © ☆★↳ © en_eeen via Twitter → ☆★↳ © en via Pixiv → er.php?id=1642655 ▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂ Никифоров• ✦リヴィングレジェンド✦ ┉┉┉┉┉┉ Reposting from me is highly restricted. ✓ Please visit the source and support the artist. ▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂ ➘➘➘➘➘ ▸anime◂ ▸manga◂ ▸otaku◂ ▸twitter◂ ▸instagram◂ ▸animerp◂ ▸yaoi◂ ▸blackbutler◂ ▸viktornikiforov◂ ▸yuurikatsuki◂ ▸viktuuri◂ ▸yuriplisetsky◂ ▸yurionice◂ ▸boyxboy◂ ▸crunchyroll◂ ▸eros◂ ▸naruto◂ ▸fairytail◂ ▸attackontitan◂ ▸onepiece◂ ▸kurokonobasket◂ ▸tumblr◂ ▸tokyoghoul◂ ▸figureskating◂ ▸bts◂

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Tired Human (sourwoif) Instagram Photos and Videos

Tired Human


Comment from Tired Human:

and breakfast was never seen again. Yuuri's booty eventually took demigod status. . . . . . . . . . . . . yuurikatsuki yurionice yoi viktuuri victuuri myart fanart viktornikiforov victornikiforov anime art digitalart comic lgbt yurikatsuki

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Yuri Katsuki-Nikiforov (mrskatsuki) Instagram Photos and Videos

Yuri Katsuki-Nikiforov


Comment from Yuri Katsuki-Nikiforov:

yurionice yurikatsuki viktornikiforov vitya katsudon🐷 viktuuri manga anime yoi I fell in love with this photo💖

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yuri on ice memes ( Instagram Photos and Videos

yuri on ice memes

Comment from yuri on ice memes:

Hello!! I am a new Yoi fan account.yurioniceanimeyuriplis iplisetskyviktornikiforovyuuri

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#1 pissbaby (tinyprinceofspace) Instagram Photos and Videos

#1 pissbaby


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damn wish i was getting dcked down rn 😩

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Bri ❤ (corcidcosplay) Instagram Photos and Videos

Bri ❤


Comment from Bri ❤:

"How can someone who can't motivate others motivate himself?" I had fun as Victor this weekend!❤️ animenorthtexas ant animenorthtexas2017 victornikiforov viktornikiforov victornikiforovcosplay viktornikiforovcosplay yurionice yoi yurionicecosplay anime animecosplay genderbend aboi

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Welcome to my art world 😃 ( Instagram Photos and Videos

Welcome to my art world 😃

Comment from Welcome to my art world 😃:

"You've to do the opposite of what people expect. How else will you surprise them? That's my motto." ----------------- ☆Character: Viktor Nikiforov ☆Anime: Yuri On Ice . . . . . . . art artwork artistsoninstagram artoninstagram artist instaart artoftheday animeart animedrawing mangaart otakuart animeartist viktornikiforov nikiforovviktor victornikiforov victuri yoi yurionice yaoionice katsukiyuri yurikatsuki yuriplisetsky yurio viktordrawing mangaartist sportanime anime followart followartist animelover

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Otaku and Fujoshi (anime_fangirl1213) Instagram Photos and Videos

Otaku and Fujoshi


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Yuri on ice and attack on titan have taken all my money yurionice yuri yurio yuriplisetsky yuurikatsuki viktornikiforov viktuuri otayuri anime animememes animelol lol relatable funnymemes fujoshi yaoi yaoianime yaoiislife animeislife pleasefollow followme otaku

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Doodle™💫 (shyency) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Oh God Help Me Please Meh ABBS (dontmopthefloor) Instagram Photos and Videos

Oh God Help Me Please Meh ABBS


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Vitya Hell no Don't cock block makkachins innocence It's just his shape. Credits to artist ©️ @maccha_roon *get artists permission before repost • • • yoi yurionice viktor yuri Yurio yuri yurikatsuki katsukiyuri viktornikiforov viktorkatsuki yurinikiforov yuurinikiforov yurioplisetski makkachin dog anime art comic artwork drawing sketch doodle

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Fan of Hijigin&Sasunaru💕 (nico_yazawady) Instagram Photos and Videos

Fan of Hijigin&Sasunaru💕


Comment from Fan of Hijigin&Sasunaru💕:

This pic is so colourful and I can see lots of sweets I can see plushie of Yuuri and Victor and also both of them wear outfit of waiter pixiv absolutelyadorable yuurionice yuurikatsuki viktornikiforov victuuri ヴィク勇

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Victor Nikiforov | Yuri on Ice (viktor_nikiforofu) Instagram Photos and Videos

Victor Nikiforov | Yuri on Ice


Comment from Victor Nikiforov | Yuri on Ice:

➳ Ahhhh fanart based in the new official art! ⠀ credit: tabunsugukesu4 ⠀ ⠀ T A G S: yurionice yoi yuurikatsuki yurikatsuki victornikiforov viktornikiforov victor victuuri victuri viktuuri vikturi yuriplisetsky otabekaltin phichitchulanont christophegiacometti yaoi anime manga boyxboy shounenai

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Tivoli679 (tivoli679) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Tivoli679:

Omg! How cute🤗💖anime yurionice viktornikiforov yurikatsuki cute

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