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"Is this your idea of a joke, you little punk?!How many times do I have to teach you until you finally learn?!" . Yeah sorry, I drew Fugo again... I just really like his design (a lot ) though sometimes his hair is a pain in the ass I hope his face looks okay, I tried to draw him like looking down "intimidatingly" ?? Please give me a like those menacing kanjis were hard to trace :y . #ventoaureo #pannacottafugo #fugopannacotta #jojopart5 #goldenwind
Would anyone be interested in seeing some storyboards of mine? I love film, and want to grow in my story creations.
Im reading the final part of Steel ball run and Im so excited, I don't know what part is my favourite but Johnny and Gyro are true love for me! And to celebrate it I share this cosplay that is true love too! Model: @roc_romsen #evangelion8joestars_dilemma