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Dutch Illustrator (damaijawara) Instagram Photos and Videos

Dutch Illustrator


Comment from Dutch Illustrator:

Sorry about the repost! 🌱inktober2017 Made the lineart with a brushpen, think I fell in love with those pens hahah ┐(‘~`;)┌ Should I post the colored piece also? Used Art Supplies: ● Regular HB pencil ( sketch ) ● Hahnemühle Watercolor Book (Aquarell Academy) Small ● Pigma Brush (Waterproof) 🌱art illustration drawing artist sketch sketchbook artsy instaart gallery photooftheday instaartist traditionalart hanhemühle vsco vscocam arts_help pretty autumn dailyart japanese inkdrawing anime girl instadraw seni アート inktober lineart artistsoninstagram

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Muhammed alaa (muhammed_alaa17) Instagram Photos and Videos

Muhammed alaa


Comment from Muhammed alaa:

artists illustrate sketchbook arttips traditional traditionalart sketch sketches sketching digitalart anime manga artreference doodle animal furry boy cute artistsofinstagram japanese comics digital oc visualdevelopment characterdesign characterdesigns videos ethandolan graysondolan dolan

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BAM! (spookii.avi) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from BAM!:

i forgot his last name so i just changed iT art artist artwork traditionalart draw drawing doodle doodles sketch sketches oc ocs character characterdesign cartoon

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Emma (haishaa_emma) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Emma:

I just wanted to draw @cyan245 's OC and then it turned into an art trade or smthn TwT I can't draw wings,,, for my lovely tol that I love too much!! it was fun drawing this for you and i got to expirement a bit with blending <33 ily and dont forget that sketchbook doodle arttrade doodles watercolors watercolor myart traditionaldrawing traditionalart idk why but my camera made the paper yellow??

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Tam Renobaum (thepainteddragon) Instagram Photos and Videos

Tam Renobaum


Comment from Tam Renobaum:

Feathered dragon. ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ tr art fantasy watercolor instagramart instagramartist illustration instaart dragons dragon feather traditionalart

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I Draw. And Play. 👐 (animeesketches) Instagram Photos and Videos

I Draw. And Play. 👐


Comment from I Draw. And Play. 👐:

Joining this feature, congrats @azzyane06 ❤️😁👍feature animedrawing drawing byme illustration animeart animelove prismacolor prisma pictureoftheday artfeature dibujo drawing drawanime fanart sketch sketchbook traditionalart mangadrawing mangaart art artwork artistsoninstagram

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Ika (chaoticeternity) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Ika:

[ Inkoctober day 20 - Deep ] Crispy's Adventures "Down... There?! It's so deep..." inkoctober2017 inkoctober inkoctober2k17 inkoctoberday20 deep traditionalart inkdrawing ink markers watercolor traditionalartist illustration comic deepcloud cloud fantasyworld fantasy fantasyart oc originalcharacter originalart fear adventure blackhole art instaart instacool instalove picoftheday like4like

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Min (minmochika) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Min:

onmyoji fanart traditionalart

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fleagol (fi3as) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from fleagol:

i wish you lived like youre made of glass • • • graphicart ink artistsoninstagram art jason jasontodd batmanandrobin robin traditionalart traditional

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juli/roly • 17 • they/she (rolyjulioli) Instagram Photos and Videos

juli/roly • 17 • they/she


Comment from juli/roly • 17 • they/she:

inktober 22 - trail!! i sadly keep forgetting this show exists ;_;"

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Massimo Joestar (greenstar_massimo) Instagram Photos and Videos

Massimo Joestar


Comment from Massimo Joestar:

traditionalart art sketch art blackandwhite friends old new girls 2013 2017 italian artist italiangirl hair эскиз рисунок искусство италия девушка художник красивая друг волосы рад followartist supportmyart

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Yrou (yroubang) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Yrou:

What was I thinking when I decided to shade the background in black? Now I barely have any ink :O inktober inktober2017 day20 deep forest blackandwhite traditionalart

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Álvaro Baglietto Sequera (bagliettoart) Instagram Photos and Videos

Álvaro Baglietto Sequera


Comment from Álvaro Baglietto Sequera:

Inktober 22 Trial Another work with @elior_93. I love Sherlock movies, whit Jude Law and Robert D. Jr., @elior_93 is in love with benedictcumberbatch so we draw this piece mixing the two worlds. Sherlock Watson Holmes John judelaw inktober ink blackandwhite sherlocked moriarty traditionalart digitalart Baglietto Elior93

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Toronto Artist Keight MacLean (keightmaclean) Instagram Photos and Videos

Toronto Artist Keight MacLean


Comment from Toronto Artist Keight MacLean:

Gold leafing in progress. Always a beautiful mess.⠀ ⠀ ⠀

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Jaz (chokingtablett) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Jaz:

🦇 Vampire Witch 🦇 . . . . . . 31witches 31morewitches 31witches2 inktober inktoberxwitches inktober2017 witchtober witchtober2017 witch witchcraft magic Halloween vampire blood goretober2017 goretober characterising traditional traditionalart sketch promarkers promarkers drawing drawlloween2017 drawlloween blackandwhite instant instaartist

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D'Amna F. ( Instagram Photos and Videos

D'Amna F.

Comment from D'Amna F.:

Inktober day 17: cyberpunk I'm late again with inktober 😂 jesus! Need to recover again!! I'll be drawing with non- stop 😅 dibujo ilustracion illustration disegno artist art arte traditionalartist drawingoftheday artoninstagram draw traditionalart artposting inking anime drawingoftheday instart artwork doodle artistoninstagram doodling sketching neimytober inktober2017 inktober

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Lotor needs his juice👌 (meanpotion) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lotor needs his juice👌


Comment from Lotor needs his juice👌:

I drew Hyungwon as a paladin, kinda forgot what the armor looks like. It doesn’t look like his hand:// ~ ~ monstax hyungwon chaehyungwon voltron voltronlegendarydefender paladin drawing traditionalart sketch

2 Minutes ago
Aitor Borda Baena (zero1987_comicart) Instagram Photos and Videos

Aitor Borda Baena


Comment from Aitor Borda Baena:

Wonder woman sketch art artist comics dccomics wonderwoman mujeresalpoder illustration ilustracion sketchbook sketch drawing draw sketching ink inked inktober2017 comicart tattoart traditionalart pilot painting dibujo picoftheday instaart instaartist instadraw superheroes inkgirl galgadot justiceleague

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Janini (janini_sarah) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Janini:

Day 22 of inktoberoneline quicksketch ink sketchdaily challenge draws drawings doodles doodleart sketches sketchy instaart artistoninstagram character characterdesign Illustrator pencil marker copic illust Illustration illustrationofthedaydesigntrad focusonthedetails Detailslines blackandwhite

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Allison Harris (gooniewithmoxie) Instagram Photos and Videos

Allison Harris


Comment from Allison Harris:

.22. Vampire The Victorian women standing by themselves seemed more standoffish than the usual fare. They seemed to be studying the crowd around them rather intently. Little did the crowd know that the pair were vampires looking for their next meal. ... .. . Vampires are hard to sell when you can’t see their fangs, but believe me these girls are vamps through and through. Also, these outfits were fun as shit to draw. The patterns weren’t too difficult either. . .. ... Sketchtober 31MoreWitches 31Witches 31Witches2 TraditionalArt LadiesOnly BloodSuckers VampireGirls

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Julie, Jurija, Julcun👸🏻 (julcuneqarts) Instagram Photos and Videos

Julie, Jurija, Julcun👸🏻


Comment from Julie, Jurija, Julcun👸🏻:

Me again, hello I have fanpage on Facebook btw It's called Julcuneq :) . . . art arts draw draws drawing drawings sketch sketches doodle doodles traditional traditionals traditionalart traditionalarts digital digitals digitalart digitalarts

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🏐🏐It Me🏐🏐 (prince_of_parrots) Instagram Photos and Videos

🏐🏐It Me🏐🏐


Comment from 🏐🏐It Me🏐🏐:

Spoiler alert: it was a mole this time. He's trying his best. - - - - doodle doodles doodling oc originalcharacter owncharacter princeschildren comic sketch drawing traditionalart illustration myart art artist artwork artistic

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May Art (may.lav_art) Instagram Photos and Videos

May Art


Comment from May Art:

inktober day 22: trail inktober2017 traditionalart artworkspage art art_supernova drawing drawinganimals mydrawing sketchlicious sketching sketchbook sketch sketch_daily

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 (jedyny.taki.bongosik) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from jedyny.taki.bongosik:

wiedźmin witcher geralt białywilk gwynbleidd grey traditionalart kredeczkiipisaczki

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🌸 • 陳敏兒 • veevien 🐳 (mintminvv) Instagram Photos and Videos

🌸 • 陳敏兒 • veevien 🐳


Comment from 🌸 • 陳敏兒 • veevien 🐳:

HyeonJoo’s reference sheet in da making~~~ 😗😗😗 I tried making her LOOK like her (just like my past style XD) as accurate as possible. Nothing much has changed for HyeonJoo fortunately except for her glasses I guess(?) I made it round instead of those square ones 😂 Shall introduce her properly soon with her in full colour XD mintminvv

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LARANGEIRAS TATTOOS (leandrolarangeiras) Instagram Photos and Videos




japanesetattoo japanesetattooart japanesetattoosub bestjapanpics bestjapanese reclaimthedots chinaink whatercolor drawing japanese japaneseart japanesetattooart japanesecollective art artnerd flashaddicted irezumism irezumistudy orientaltattoo pietacrew larangeirastattoos traditionalart traditionaltattoo thebesttattooartist tattooartmagazine asian_inkandart asiantattoos belohorizonte irezumicollective bestirezumi

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❁ (artshi.t) Instagram Photos and Videos


Comment from :

long time no post? ;A; i got lazy uploading inktober stuff and i was too busy to continue but anyway.. final? proj for creative industries, clay painting ✨ "howl" 8x10 in. clay on board clay claypainting wolf art arts visualarts traditionalart

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Hien Van. (hien.vans) Instagram Photos and Videos

Hien Van.


Comment from Hien Van.:

Day 21 “Furious” • • • • inktober2017inkartpen rtpenartdarkarttattooartdrawin rawingsketchingdoodlesketchink chinkinglineartdoodlinginkedho kedhorrorzenartphotoofthedayil dayillustrationinkdrawingartof artofvisualsinkfeaturetraditio

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Dan Siqueira (dangsiqueira) Instagram Photos and Videos

Dan Siqueira


Comment from Dan Siqueira:

Inktober day 22 - Jack Skellington inktober inktober2017 inktoberbrasil draw art illustration sketch sketchbook traditionalart brushpen ink prismacolor timburton jack jackskellington nightmarebeforechristmas

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N I C 🎨 L E (creationique) Instagram Photos and Videos

N I C 🎨 L E


Comment from N I C 🎨 L E:

Inktober Day 19 - Cloud ✨ creationique art traditionalart illustration drawing ink inktober inktober2017 cloud

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Rai (raishmee) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Rai: are you supposed to make it "flat" but not too dark? trail mess inktober inktober2017 day22 inktober2017day22trail inktober2017day22 ink inking inkdrawingdrawing arttraditionalart princess hair long braid

4 Minutes ago
Flutter-chi King (flutter_chi) Instagram Photos and Videos

Flutter-chi King


Comment from Flutter-chi King:

18th day of inktober I was unactive for 4 days... SORRY but now started a holiday so I am back. myflutter_inktober17 myf 7 myflutter_ocs 🍂🍁🍂🍁🍂🍁🍂 artistic artist lovely kawaii moe girl animegirl animeart traditionalart ink lineart mangart mangadraw animrdraw draw drawing drawings sketchbook girldrawing 🍂🍁🍂🍁🍂🍁🍂🍁🍂

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Art and cats here 😂 (kittycat_maya) Instagram Photos and Videos

Art and cats here 😂


Comment from Art and cats here 😂:

Inktober Day 22: Trail Trail mix X3 I had another idea in mind, but it would have taken 5ever. I was WAYYY to lazy too shade this rn, so, sorry. But I hope you guys like it X3 . . Check out my art tag to see more of my artwork kittycatmayasart . . Follow me for more artworks and other Yuri on Ice content ^❤^ . . myart mycharacter persona neko nekogirl nekomimi anime manga animegirl catgirl animeart drawing traditional traditionalart myoc maya dress character cats cartoon chibi chester aleena chesterandaleena mybabies chibicats ocs inktober trail

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