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I love them wow (mep part uwu)
's review Anime ↪ Akiba's Trip The Animation Episode ↪ 13 Genre ↪ Action, Adventure, Supernatural, and Ecchi Status ↪ Completed Score ↪ B- - Based on my opinion: [PLOT/STORY] 3.5/5 The story was focused to eliminate all The Bugged One. Every single episode has different story and antagonist. The story was full of comedy, ecchi, and fanservice. What made me gave 3.5 was the story was predictable. I could tell which one was The Bugged One or final story. . [CHARACTER] 2.5/5 The character was embarrassing because they only focused at the main characters. The supporting characters looked terrible, especially The Bugged One. . [MUSIC/ANIMATION] 2.5/5 The music was kinda disappointing because I couldn't enjoy the music but the background music helped. The art wasn't consistent because sometimes it was good and not. I could see from their color and movement. . [PERSONAL ENJOYMENT] 4/5 Even though the story wasn't perfect, but I was enjoyed overall. The action and comedy were great enough. I wasn't interested in ecchi but the story was still good. - Do you want to see more? Follow for more!❤ [ #animesdailypostsreview ]
Anime Review: Akiba's Trip The Animation Akiba's Trip is my favorite anime of 2017 (until Attack on Titan comes out). The anime revolves around Tamotsu and his group of friends as they protect Akihabara from bugged ones, creatures that want to disrupt the lives of the patrons that visit Akiba. Bugged ones aren't your typical baddies; they can only be defeated by being stripped of their clothing. It's up to Tamotsu, Matome, Niwaka, and Arisa to "squash" the bugged ones while keeping the streets of Akiba safe! My favorite thing about the anime has to be the characters, specifically Tamotsu and Matome, the main protagonists. I see bits and pieces of me in their personalities, which makes the anime fun to watch, because you can identify with the characters. I also like the concept of defeating the bad guys by taking their clothes off. That doesn't happen in your average super hero movie. It leads to plenty of fanservice. Overall, I'd give it 4.5-5 cheeseburgers. Matome ate the other .5. Tags: #AkibasTrip #AkibasTripTheAnimation #AnimeReview #anime #TamotsuDenkigai #MatomeMayonaka #BuggedOnes #fanservice #Akihabara #AttackOnTitan #amv
👏(⌒▽⌒)💓💓 Protegiendo a Akihabara hasta el final el grupo Mayonesa Eléctrica, aparte que las Manías volvieron a hacer su show y fue genial. . . . *Nos dieron una buena pelea que terminó bien pese a que la abue de Mayo ya no esta pero entendió todo y quedó bien con su nieta. Siempre creí que Tamo y Mayo tenían buena química y de hecho si hacen una bonita pareja lastima que se interrumpiera ese beso TnT quería verlo ya que esta vez seria especial,haré de cuenta que lo hicieron después. :"3 Fue lo que esperaba y me gusto bastante el final. . . . ^Anime ~ Akiba's Trip The Animation Capítulo 13 (Final) . . . . #アキバニ #akibastriptheanimation #animeinvierno2017 #tamomayo #tamotduxmayonaka #arisaahokainen #mayonakamatome #tamotsudenkigai #niwakadenkigai #tejasvilatu
's post Anime ↪ Akiba's Trip The Animation Characters ↪ Mayonaka Matome, "Fake" Mayonaka Matome, and Denkigai Tamotsu Status ↪ Currently Airing Episode ↪ 12 Genre ↪ Action, Adventure, Supernatural, and Ecchi - YES! YES! GOOD NEWS FOR ALL OF US!❤ Akiba get their next episode next week! I thought this week is the last scene:') It reminds me when the first episode😂 sweet! - Do you want to see more? Just follow us❤