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Dede Kusnadi


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Next Anime Akiba's Trip the Animation 😊 anime akibastrip akibastriptheanimation tamotsudenkigai matomemayonaka synthisters

213 Days ago
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Namaisa: Our first post of the year had to be about AkibaSTripTheAnimation 😍 As you know i have played the PS Vita game AkibaSTripUndeadAndUndressed and fell in LOVE! So when i heard about the anime i went nuts haha. I just saw episode 1 and enjoyed it a lot. The only thing i was a tiny bit sad about is that it's an entirely different cast. It does appear like they kept the essence of the characters in there(which is good) and instead of Synthisters the zombie/vampire like monsters are called the Bugged Ones. I'm looking forward to seeing more!

316 Days ago
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The Noob Knows


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Did you enjoy the first episode of the anime 'Akiba's Trip The Animation'? Do let us know in the comments at akiba anime newrelease akihabara synthisters tamotsutenkigai mayokamatome electricmayo adventure action supernatural ecchii

319 Days ago
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Akiba's Trip: Undead & Undressed 👙 A game set in Akihabara, which has been invaded by otaku vampires called Synthisters. Synthisters feast on social energy and will to live. They are weak to exposure to light so you fight stripping off their clothes. Within the game there are 130 real life Akihabara shops that the player is able to visit. 👗---------------------------- AkibasTripUndressedandUndead PS4 PS3 Playstation PSVita gaming otaku comedygame Shizuku ShizukuTokikaze OtakuVampire cutegirl gamingscreenshot instagaming instagamer playinggames online gaming Playstation4 gamergirl videogameaddict instagame instagood gamestagram anime jrpg japanesegame Free on PSstore

1 Years ago
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This is what I am doing for the rest of the night. Randomly running around Japan beating vampires up and stealing their clothes. The usual Saturday. 😎😂 This game is sooo much fun and so completely insane. The concept is freakin funny though. I WILL PLATINUM THIS GAME @purpledeath98 Even though we figured out why it takes me so long to finish a game. 😉😱💀😈 akibastrip ps3 playstation playstation3 akihabara game gaming platinum playstationnetwork vampires vampire sunlightequalsdeath undeadandundressed synthisters shizukutokikaze toukosagisaka rin anime animes animefan animeworld animefreak animelove animeotaku otaku otakus otakulife otakuworld otakuforever otakuforlife

1 Years ago
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Zachary Quevedo


Comment from Zachary Quevedo:

100 FREAKING PERCENT! ALL ROUTES ACCOMPLISHED! AKIBA IS SAFE FROM SYNTHISTERS HARM! AND SOOOO GOD DAMN MANY PEOPLE STRIPPED OF CLOTHING! Akiba's Trip was actually a really fun game XD! Turns out I've played it for a total of 35 hrs and cleared it 5 times! Who would've known!? The only reason I tried so hard for platinum on this game was probably because it's anime x3. Now to wonder what else to do with my life. . . Ofc I mean what other anime game to get to dedicate my time to! playstation akibastrip akiba synthisters routes platinum gamer otaku anime japan

2 Years ago
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Such a heartwarming ending to a strange game. Now I have to get the restXD Akibastrip PS3 PSVita PS4 ShizukuTokikaze Nanashi End Videogames Love Heartwarming Anime NightEater Synthisters MOGRA Kawaii Adorable

2 Years ago
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Time to Strip it in Akihabara.

2 Years ago