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when in Rome...take a typical tourist pic and be happy!
• Looking, love, color 💜•
Because when the girlies insist on going to the roller skating joint instead of going hiking, you finally give in... and throw on some rollerblades while you're at it😜. My husband has a hidden talent he has been keeping from me ps⛸⛸🙊. #beactive #getcreative
*looks intensely* "I really like how the squiggles are squiggly."
Watermelon : Muscle Recovery & Hydration, Kidney & Libido Health 🍉 Lemon : Alkalizing, Cleansing, Purifying 🍋 Mint : Calming, Soothing, Indigestion Relief 🌱 #drinksolti #letyourselfshine
Enjoying the warmer nights with Mom, Dad and Rocco