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Oml the crunch!❤💯 ••• Cr: @migraine.slimes ••• QOTD: whats your favorite color? ••• Stay active Tag friends! ••• We do fff's so if you want one just ask! ••• #slime #crunch #soft #pink
melted marshmallow😍 _ omg this slime is so fluffy i actually cannot!! thank you guys so much as we continue to grow this account! this slime was so fun to make and is actually my fave slime i've ever made! get excited for this tutorial (being edited rn) it's so easy and is only 3 ingredients!! this is my favorite fluffy slime recipe ever and it doesn't even need shaving cream😩 there are gonna be lots more videos with this slime! what color do we dye it, comment below! _ QOTD: fave dessert? AOTD: brownies omggg _ hashtags: #fluffyslime #soft #asmr #slime #snow #slimey #slimer #whitefluff