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She/her (dazzlingroseslime) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from She/her:

Pumpkin latte <3 it’s a butter slime but I added more color to it and I really regret it lol. - - - - butterslime slime smooth spread soft iloveslime

13 Seconds ago
Kuaför Sedat Bilir 💇👰💅🙆 (kuaforgamzesedat) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kuaför Sedat Bilir 💇👰💅🙆


Comment from Kuaför Sedat Bilir 💇👰💅🙆:

Dogal topuzumuz 👍💐💐💐💐💐 💐 ombre röfle sarı kuaför alanya başkentüniversitesi artego matrix dogallık balyaj balyajmodelleri kuaförüm tesettür kesim kesimmodelleri 2017🎄 kahvetonlari sarıaşkı alanyalisesi soft mac porselenmakyaj makeup kryolan alanyamerkez alanyam sombrero sombre dogaldalgalar alanyalisesi kestel

34 Seconds ago
Holly (kuntwhor3) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Holly:

They know when I’m poorly 🐾💙 staffordshirebullterrier staffy redstaffy brindlestaffy cuddles soft snuggle makingmehappy poorlysick blanketofdogs gentledogbreeds

48 Seconds ago
Ⓑ Ⓛ Ⓔ Ⓢ Ⓢ (bzzbrook) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Ⓑ Ⓛ Ⓔ Ⓢ Ⓢ:

Love can only travel so far - - - @bzzbrook @Floatbrook @Yikesbrook - - - soft softie roses puppo doggo pupper bless dogs saturn pastel grunge aesthetics theme bees savethebees

1 Minutes ago
Haani Manipper (forever1dlarry) Instagram Photos and Videos

Haani Manipper


Comment from Haani Manipper:

Y’all already know of my undying love for this beautiful human.😍 He looks extra soft here and I just want to cuddle him. 💚💚 onedirection louistomlinson liampayne harrystyles niallhoran zaynmalik green band love soft sunshine football soccer

1 Minutes ago
LenaGal (lenaja_testegeniesseberichte) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from LenaGal:

Unser Produkttest von @lonka_de beinhaltet folgende 7 Sorten: . 🔹 Soft Nougat mit Cranberry & Almond . 🔹 Nougat Almond Mandel-Amandes . 🔹 Crunchy Fudge Rise Crisps covered with Milk Chocolate . 🔹 Soft Nougat Hazelnut & Milkchokolate . . 🔹Soft Toffees Vanilla & Chocolate Flavour . 🔹 Soft Fudge Caramel . 🔹 Soft Nougat Pistachio, Hazelnut & Almond . Bei dem Anblick läuft doch das ganze Wasser im Mund zusammen.....😲👏👏👏👏👏👏 lonka cloetta Produkttest soft nougat fudge almond caramel chocolate hazelnit pistachio toffees milk läuftwasserimmundzusammen

1 Minutes ago
Natasja Turenhout (natasja.oriflame) Instagram Photos and Videos

Natasja Turenhout


Comment from Natasja Turenhout:

The ONE Liquid Velvet Matte Eye Shadow, in 3 mooie zachte kleuren: - Gentle Beige - Tender Brown - Creamy Taupe En 2 Limited Edition kleuren: - Dusky Pink - Soft Plum Deze vloeibare oogschaduw brengt aan als een vloeistof en droogt op tot een zachte, matte finish. Nu slechts €7,99 (ipv €14) oriflame sweden beauty beautyproducts makeup eyes eyeshadow liquid velvet matte soft new newproduct beautiful colour easy loveit

1 Minutes ago
YuNg BrAtZ (kiia.e) Instagram Photos and Videos

YuNg BrAtZ


Comment from YuNg BrAtZ:

Pour la 937361773717927 ème fois 🔫 . . . . artalternativegrung grungeaestheticsoftindietumblr umblralternativeurbanfeedtheme themeposescarefreestyleretroav

1 Minutes ago
Emory♂️  &  Noa♀️  =  Cali♀️ (my_soft_kittens) Instagram Photos and Videos

Emory♂️ & Noa♀️ = Cali♀️


Comment from Emory♂️ & Noa♀️ = Cali♀️:

고양이간식 강아지간식 조공 catfood 고양이영양제 catstagram kucing neko 고양이 gato 야옹이 kedi 猫 mycatlove 반려묘 animal ネコ แมว fatcat kitty 냥스타그램 kittylove fluffy 스코티시폴드 scottishfold persiancat cozy soft fallweather dollfacepersian

1 Minutes ago
Emory♂️  &  Noa♀️  =  Cali♀️ (my_soft_kittens) Instagram Photos and Videos

Emory♂️ & Noa♀️ = Cali♀️


Comment from Emory♂️ & Noa♀️ = Cali♀️:

고양이간식 강아지간식 조공 catfood 고양이영양제 catstagram kucing neko 고양이 gato 야옹이 kedi 猫 mycatlove 반려묘 animal ネコ แมว fatcat kitty 냥스타그램 kittylove fluffy 스코티시폴드 scottishfold persiancat cozy soft fallweather dollfacepersian

2 Minutes ago
Madeline Jacobs (madmadjacobs) Instagram Photos and Videos

Madeline Jacobs


Comment from Madeline Jacobs:

Taking a quiet pause this morning to BREATHE and just BE Repost @brendilw ・・・ 144 :: Floral Floaties . . . . cgi 3D illustration motiondesign mdcommunity gallery abstract animation motiongraphics flowers surreal newart installation render inspiration octane otoy designboom cinema4d octanerender c4d laartist digitalart contemporary soft visuals marvelousdesigner dailyrender @thergallery @_sightunseen_ @lucidscreen @sayhito_ xuxoe

2 Minutes ago
Orazio Cantio (oraziocantio) Instagram Photos and Videos

Orazio Cantio


Comment from Orazio Cantio:

photoftheday glamour portrait instagood instagram follow4follow followme topmodel bestmodel beauty dream dreamy soft models girl workshop canon mag magazine portraitphotography portrait blackandwhite fashion glamourportraits glam girl beautiful fpw

2 Minutes ago
jennifer (jenniferbarclay37) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from jennifer:

soft.....guess what made me smile

2 Minutes ago
island slime🏝 (islandsliime) Instagram Photos and Videos

island slime🏝


Comment from island slime🏝:

Glitter putty💖 1/3 parts This is from Michael’s btw💫Love this one sm💗it is very clear with a bunch of fine gold glitter💛 slime slimer putty storeboughtputty glitterputty pretty slimeaccount slimefeed glitter michaels asmr soft clear clearslime glitterslime

3 Minutes ago
T O R 🐻 (irisities) Instagram Photos and Videos

T O R 🐻


Comment from T O R 🐻:

is typing . . . . ooof this pic of kihyun destroyed my bias list 🤘🏻😔🤘🏻 . [♪]: flares — the script . [✎]: who is your monsta x bias? [✐]: jooheon + i.m • • • • aesthetic tumblr yookihyun kihyun monstax tumblraesthetic aesthetictumblr foodaesthetic food korean ulzzang bts bangtanboys bangtansonyeondan kpop exo blackpink soft koreanfashion weheartit beige beigetheme theme

3 Minutes ago
Sirena.ti (__.bugz.__) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Sirena.ti:

I'm starting a new club who wants in?👆🏻✨ - - - tumblr tumblrtextpost tumblraesthetic aesthetictumblr aesthetic pink pastel pastelgoth cute soft softgoth grunge grungeaesthetic uglygirl sweet mood indie text notmine pinky uglygirlsclub girl girlies

3 Minutes ago
ScinCo. Makeup Hair Beauty (scinco.makeuphairbeauty) Instagram Photos and Videos

ScinCo. Makeup Hair Beauty


Comment from ScinCo. Makeup Hair Beauty:

Before and after on this blue eyed beauty. Microblading using @permablend_pigments Taupe mixed with Tina’s Golden Sunrise to add that touch of warmth to a beautiful fair complexion microblading hairstrokes 3dbrows semipermanenteyebrows spmu microbladingeyebrows beforeandafter transformationtuesday transformation transform eyebrows soft natural browgame browgoals browsonfleek browsonpoint socialmediamarketing face beauty cosmetics enhance beautiful fluffybrows magic industrypro

4 Minutes ago
Anita Russell (neatzrussell_photos) Instagram Photos and Videos

Anita Russell


Comment from Anita Russell:

Gentlest rose - soft as velvet.... rose pink delicate pretty soft velvety arty

4 Minutes ago
oddly_lps (skylerlps345) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from oddly_lps:

-Snow flower bunny soft

4 Minutes ago
Star_Slimes12405 (star_slimes12405) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Star_Slimes12405:

🍍Pinapple Smoothie🍍 • First of many videos by me!❤ • Fc: 9! Hope to get to 100 before the end of March! • Follow my acc @__turn_that_lol_around__ • Tags! slime fluffyslime love bubbles stretchy soft slimeusa slimeasmr slimeyfun slimer slimebubbles

5 Minutes ago
🌻 (cactus.sft) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from 🌻:

[ y pues ya está, acabé. ¿debería irme de nuevo? ☹ ] . . . . . hyungwon polar monstax monbebe soft cute idol instachile

5 Minutes ago
Fruity Booty (fruitybootyunderwear) Instagram Photos and Videos

Fruity Booty


Comment from Fruity Booty:

Only about 5% of cranberries are sold fresh while the rest are turned into cranberry juice, sauce, etc • • • • • • underwear lingerie fruity fruitybooty online valentinesday valentine boutique lifestylebrand newbrand onlineshopping london fruitybootyunderwear soft brallete knickers love flowers bouquet roses letters raspberry cranberries

5 Minutes ago
forever beautiful clinic (foreverbeautifulclinic) Instagram Photos and Videos

forever beautiful clinic


Comment from forever beautiful clinic:

Soft Elegance👌 foreverbeautifulcli love volumelashes pretty soft elegant perfecttouch

5 Minutes ago
- soft bot edits 🐻 (lisasmomorning) Instagram Photos and Videos

- soft bot edits 🐻


Comment from - soft bot edits 🐻:

's post *:・゚✧ . . Idol; Jisoo Group; BLACKPINK . sotd: / . 🍒 t a g s 🍒 softbotsofteditjisoo jisooeditsoftblackpinkkpopedit

5 Minutes ago
 (makeupwakeupmakeupwakeup) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from makeupwakeupmakeupwakeup:

a smile a day keeps the doctor away💙😄 . blue lips color teeth shadow onfleek sharp mrsbellapalette mua makeup visagist visa cutcreasemakeup soft decent greeneyes blueyes beginner onmywayup sfx sleek specialeffectsmakeup specialeffects eyes eye

5 Minutes ago
Patty By Hisoshop (patty_hiso_shop) Instagram Photos and Videos

Patty By Hisoshop


Comment from Patty By Hisoshop:

NEW ARRIVAL🇰🇷 (DREES ME PLS.) เสื้อครอปผ้าคอตต้อนเนื้อ ใส่สบาย แพทเทิร์นทรงสวย ดีเทลเว้าช่วงเอว สามารถจับแมทได้หลายสไตล์เลยค่า ME PLS.) สี | โอรส, ขาว, ดำ, เทา ▪️FREE SIZE อก 32-36" ยาว 16" 399฿ สั่งซื้อที่ 💟inbox at : id line : patty04982209 set jumpsuit jeans hiend fashion dresses hot top work sale buy style thailand bangkok colorful shopping clothes daily newlook chic onlineshop online pantsplayboybraDoomsoft

6 Minutes ago
Dakota (dakota.the.kittenn) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Dakota:

• • • • • • kitten cat surprise soft kitty cute baby blanket warm ears collar bell whiskers dakota catsofinstagram kittensofinstagram siamese siamesekitten siamesecat white brown catnose toebeans feet paws pet

7 Minutes ago
❤FrAnCeScA❤ (francywild) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from ❤FrAnCeScA❤:

serata soft per napoli best chalet happiness style love

7 Minutes ago
Emory♂️  &  Noa♀️  =  Cali♀️ (my_soft_kittens) Instagram Photos and Videos

Emory♂️ & Noa♀️ = Cali♀️


Comment from Emory♂️ & Noa♀️ = Cali♀️:

고양이간식 강아지간식 조공 catfood 고양이영양제 catstagram kucing neko 고양이 gato 야옹이 kedi 猫 mycatlove 반려묘 animal ネコ แมว fatcat kitty 냥스타그램 kittylove fluffy 스코티시폴드 scottishfold persiancat cozy soft fallweather dollfacepersian

7 Minutes ago
Matteo Maurici (matteo_maurici) Instagram Photos and Videos

Matteo Maurici


Comment from Matteo Maurici:

song halleluiah soft quantoadoroquestostrumento La musica l’unica cosa che si avvicina alla magia 🎵🤠😎✨🎶🎸🎼

7 Minutes ago
CosmoprofCan_Brantford (cosmoprofcan_brantford) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from CosmoprofCan_Brantford:

soft curlshealthy textureloose waves

8 Minutes ago
loren ㉨ (xmysticlor) Instagram Photos and Videos

loren ㉨


Comment from loren ㉨:

ill edit tonight woah 😂💗💗

8 Minutes ago
Eddy The Teddy Bear (eddytheteddyett) Instagram Photos and Videos

Eddy The Teddy Bear


Comment from Eddy The Teddy Bear:

I was in need of a cuddle and Eddy was happy to give me one 🤗❤️

8 Minutes ago