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Oefenen, oefenen en nog eens oefenen dontletgo zangles highnotes moeilijk update practice vocalist vocals vocalcoaching romydya blessedtohaveherasmyteacher

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Michellin Khan


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Day 1 100daysofpractice 🎶Ballade No. 1 Op. 23 - Chopin Still having hard times with the 26th bar (those semiquavers part) So, I guess I'll take this as my first daily practice piece. piano pianist classicalmusic classicalmusician classicalpianist classicalpianocovers classical music musician practice chopin balladeno1 chopinballade ballade

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Anthony Russotto


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🤘 . . . . rock music guitar lovemyjob practice prsguitars mylove

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Positive Putting


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The Positive Putting Plate is available in mirror, black and clear acrylic to suit your eye putting putter practice sinkmoreputts golf instagolf positiveputting

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Julia Körtge


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Starting a newhabit . A rough sketchbeforework so I feel I accomplished something already besides making the bed ^^ . artdaily2018 sketchaday . illustration doodle illuinstagram doodleoftheday art artinprocess doodling instaart sketchoftheday goals goals2018 practice project drawsomething character characterdesign cute animal tiere princess frog kiss kidliart frosch prinzessin kuss

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Johnny Yang


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casualstyle relaxing wellington nz panorama xpan hasselbladxpan film ilford ramdom practice

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メンズ専門 粋華男製作所(クラフター) (ikemen_seisakusho_st) Instagram Photos and Videos

メンズ専門 粋華男製作所(クラフター)


Comment from メンズ専門 粋華男製作所(クラフター):

今日は当店のシャンプーブースのご紹介です✨黒基調の壁で落ち着 壁で落ち着いた雰囲気のブースなので、ゆったりと過ごしていただ していただけます😪😪 メニューも新しく追加されたものがあ メンズ眉 メンズメイク メンズサロン メンズ美容 メンズヘア ヘアメイク メイク ヘアメイクサロン ヘアセット 練習風景 秀 アプリ イケメン makeup menshair mens make hair hairmakeeyebrows practice photo photography ikemen salon japan tokyo ginza

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Popularbooks Jkt


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Maths Olympiad Competition Manual 📗Book 1 Ages7-8 @Rp180. 000 📗Book 2 Ages 9-10 @Rp300. 000 📗Book 3 Ages 11-12 @Rp310.000 Available now at Popular Books Plaza Indonesia lt.3 WA Order 0877-8547-1235 and available at Popular Books Jl. Danau Agung 2 Blok C3-C4 No.79-A Sunter Jakarta Utara, tlp.021-65300706/08 WA Order 0838-7811-1845 mathsolympiadc piadcompetitionmanualbook1book 1book2book3ephbookspracticeeph ceepheducationalpublishinghous ghouseschoolbookspopularbooksp ookspopularbooksindonesiapopul popularbooksjakartainstalikeim ikeimportedbookschildrenbooksj ooksjakartaindonesiabelibukuim ukuimporbukuimportjualbukuimpo uimporbukuanakimportpracticebo icebooksprimarybooksforprimary

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Art, Animation, EVERYTHING


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I wish I had the guts to use other that the studio pen 🤭🎨 Black&white Digitalart Art Artist Artwork Artstyle Illustration Colour Sketch Sketching Doodle Doodling Work Creative Draw Drawing Fantasy Girl Cartoon Geek Nerd Practice Style

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اليوم الثاني للمعسكر التدريبي لفن الكلاسيكال آرنيس ، مع الغراند ماسنر / رينيه ، رئيس الاتحاد الفليبيني للآرنيس mmakungfukajukenboboxingstree streetfightermuaythaikwq8q8yse q8yselfdefensepracticemartials tialsartacademykuwaitkalisilat

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Otto Huang (otto_huang_photography) Instagram Photos and Videos

Otto Huang


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Skateboarding activity skateboard skateboardingislife skateboardingisfun skateboarder jumping practice edinburghskateboarding havingfun extremsport sports edinburghsport citylife urbanlife advanture challenge teenagersposts teenagerlife edinburghkids edinburghlife edinburghphotographer perfectcapture

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The Kowloon Hotel (thekowloonhotel) Instagram Photos and Videos

The Kowloon Hotel


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Traditional lion dance was performed at The Kowloon Hotel today to bring everyone good fortune for the rest of the year!

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The Week (theweekgram) Instagram Photos and Videos

The Week


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Goodmorning The Weekers!!! Get ready cause today we have two bombs to unhook!!!⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ pic: ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ itstheweekbaby dancefloor practice skills hiphop streetdance streetstyle dance dancer amazing dancelife dancers

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تمرین برای کنسرت فردااا 😃😃😃😍😍 @ehsankhajeamiri گرداب تهران کنسرت_تهران کنسرت موزیک موزیک_جدید احسان_خواجه_امیری تمرین خواننده EHSANKHAJEHAMIRI music new_music concert concert_tehran tehran tamrin practice gerdab

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abi ponce hardy (octoyogaa) Instagram Photos and Videos

abi ponce hardy


Comment from abi ponce hardy:

“Friction makes sparks. Fire transforms matter to heat and light, and gives us the ability to see and to act. Fire awakens us from our passive slumber, sparking consciousness into understanding. Understanding tempers fire, binding raw energy into power, direction, and transformation” - @sacredcenters ——— 🔥 tonight 🔥 @centurygeneralstore 6.30pm, come get FiReY! Drop a message if you want to join - all levels welcome 🙏🏽 ———— 📸 @carmen.ponce_ ty b xYOGA FIRE

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francesco ♡


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не прошло и года, как я его закончила :') вышло. очень. странно. и стремно. но пусть будет здесь. начать рисунок 23 ноября и закончить 22 февраля, это конечно...хд . . . taemin shinee art sketch pencil kpopfanart traditional shineeworld artwork shineefanart taeminfanart draw shawol practice offsick move taemint koreanfanarts 샤이니 이태민 태민

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한량한 나그네👣 자유로운 영혼🎼 (sunny__kmusic) Instagram Photos and Videos

한량한 나그네👣 자유로운 영혼🎼


Comment from 한량한 나그네👣 자유로운 영혼🎼:

오랜만에 집에만 있는 날! 막 어지럽히고 막 작업하긔 날,, 더럽thelove,, 하지만 마이크는 사망선고,, 👋🏻 곧 마이크 사러 가야 될드읏,, . . 집순이 음악 작업실 음악스타그램 뮤직스타그램 작업 공부 일 일상 노래 연습 데일리 집스타그램 홈스튜디오 홈레코딩 싱가폴 싱가폴라이프 인친 homestudio homerecording practice singing recording composition work music singing singaporelife singapore

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Ali Z. (ali.zamanitehran1000) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ali Z.


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Miranda Kerr & yoga practices in germany inspire you? 💪😄👆 . . . . . . . . miranda miranda yoga practice exercise victoriassecret angels funny girls tehran iran mustseeiran fashionblogger travelgram fashion travelbloggers model niavaran health healthylife tehranpic canada tallgirls

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Miri Rahimi - PR (mirirahimi) Instagram Photos and Videos

Miri Rahimi - PR


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Dance with your heart❤️ @nike @nikesportswear @diesel . . . . dance dancer dancing dancerecital music song songs ballet dancers dancefloor danceshoes instaballet studio instadance nike workout cheer choreography flexible flexibility photooftheday love practice fun

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Masi 🎅🏾💯


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Big up @that_guy_eman for making the arrangement 😭🔥. Rihanna - Diamonds @badgalriri ... I practice when everyone’s sleeping because I can’t practice when they’re awake 😂 GottaPracticeSomehow BUT watch out for this summer 😏🙌🏽🔥 Rihanna Diamonds Arrangement Gospel Chops Fills Music Musician Chords ElectricGuitar Ibanez Guitar Drums Piano Bass Keys Strings Vocals Cover Summer Performance Gig JustYourIndianMusician WatchMeGrow Practice

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Again nice and early on the track. Lovely sunshine almost no wind. Practice quietly. golf golfing earlybird sun practice nature pettelaar

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Pastel drawing on dark blue paper (10x15 cm) • • • pastel draw drawings drawing pasteldrawing colors art art🎨 artwork model itallstartswithart beautifulwomen beauty body naked anatomy instaart instart instagramart artist practice modeldrawing woman curls curlyhair

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studio recording music digitalart analogue soundproof practice reharsal jamsession guitarist basis producer songwriter lyricist musicarranger moments friendship rocknroll blues

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Ayu Khoiru Nisa (ayukhoirunisa11) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ayu Khoiru Nisa


Comment from Ayu Khoiru Nisa:

When you play with something that you shouldn't. tradisionalart practice watercolor watercolorpainting doodle doodletime bloodstains creepy repost

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Comment from G-Kitty:

When you’re trying to practice some African grooves and your nose starts itching 😂 itchynose groove africangroove bass bassist bassplayer basslove bassguitar sire jazzbass jazz

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Emil Brøndum (emilbrondum) Instagram Photos and Videos

Emil Brøndum


Comment from Emil Brøndum:

Challenge yourself! Thursday session went down🔛🔥

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First puppy class today.. little bit of practicing... !🤚🏾💭 @dogstrust .. ... .... practice learning tricks westie terrier waltthewestie mrwalt dogsofinstagram instagood puppiesofinstagram westiesofinstagram whwt westhighlandterrier scotland cutepetclub cutepuppy westiesofinstagram puppylove barbourdogs instagood instadaily

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Credit- @wiseindianuncle 😂😂 meme memes memesdaily lol haha meme ca cfa charteredaccountant charteredfinancialanalyst castudents castudent baaghi tigershroff rehersal practice warmup gameready ca haha

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Alex Naomie Naret (peaceinourselves) Instagram Photos and Videos

Alex Naomie Naret


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Don’t be afraid to live a life others don’t understand. . . Most of my relatives, and even strangers have been calling me ‘naive’ and ‘crazy’ or even ‘stupid’ over the last years simply because since high school I’ve decided to follow my heart, go where I feel most alive and do whatever makes me happy. . . . I’ve received even more criticism and ‘warnings’ since I became a yoga teacher last November. I try to not let it affect me. But it interesting to see how deeply unsettling it is for some people to watch others (try to) be free. It threatens the myth they tell themselves: that life is hard work, all the time. Having the goal to be ‘happy and free’ is naive and a waste of time according to them. Sorry but that mindset is a horrible cage to live in. Break free! Yes, Life can be extremely painful but it is also incredibly beautiful if you allow yourself to live it! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . yogateacher life love travel travelgram dream yogi yogini yogalove yogalife yogaeverydamnday yogaeveryday yogaeverywhere loveandalliscoming practiceandalliscoming practice goals heart

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rockynstudio jamsession bassguitar drummer pearl fender music studio recording practice reharsal analogue digitalarts blues rocknroll moments soundproof friendship producer songwriter lyricist musicarranger

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Simona Slotová


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Ahojte Žilinčanky! Pripravila som si pre Vás dvojhodinový intenzívny workshop ženskej tanečnej techniky TWERK, ktorú si okamžite zamilujete <3 <3 <3 KDE? Ronniegym - Prielohy 8430-1b, Žilina KEDY? 25.03. 14:00-16:00 ZA KOĽKO? 12 eur - platba vopred na číslo účtu do 17.03. 14 eur- platba na mieste Registrácia: simona.slotova Čo je to TWERK? Twerk je sexi tanečná technika, ktorá zahŕňa najmä pohyby panvou, vynikajúco tvaruje ženskú postavu a efektívne páli kalórie. Je vhodná pre všetky ženy a dievčatá, ktoré sa túžia na tréningu odreagovať, naučiť sa nové pohyby, lepšie ovládať svoje telo a stať sa ohybnejšími a silnejšími a viac fit, pričom na skúsenostiach s tancom a kondícii nezáleží. Celý tréning dopĺňa energická hudba, ktorá podporí správnu motiváciu! TWERK WORKSHOP zahŕňa: dynamickú rozcvičku, precvičenie si základných pohybov Twerku, variácie twerkových krokov, Twerkout - Twerk a cvičenie v jednom, Twerk choreografie, statický strečing. Info o lektorke - Simi Slotová - Twerk vyučujem od roku 2015, vediem pravidelné lekcie Twerku v Bratislave v Silluette Dance Studio, kde mesiac čo mesiac organizujem tanečnú udalosť Twerkweekend (dvojdňový víkendový Twerk workshop), venujem sa individuálnemu a skupinovému trénerstvu :) twerk zilina twerkgirl booty bootydance dance workshop event twerkshop girls slovensko slovakia ronniegym fitness fitmotivation cardio danceclass twerkclass gymlife exercise training practice

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Cristina Giorgi (cristina_giorgi) Instagram Photos and Videos

Cristina Giorgi


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Esmeralda: Dammi la mano Quasimodo: Perché? Esmeralda: mmmh..lunga la linea della vita...Oh,e questa?Questa vuol dire che sei timido!...mmmh strano però... Quasimodo: cosa?! Esmeralda:non vedo nessuna... Quasimodo:nessuna cosa?! Esmeralda:linea del mostro!Neanche una traccia!E ora guarda me...credi che io sia malvagia? Quasimodo: No!,No tu sei buona e gentile e... Esmeralda: e una zingara...e forse Frollo si sbaglia riguardo a noi due.. Ph : @marina.gori_photo

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practice pianist me Pianoplayer pianomusic music musica composing composer klavier klavierspielen komponieren musician musikgemälde raw authentic atmosphere 1020 austria vienna grandpiano petrof athome schenboeckmusic

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