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Hey guys I have a you may be wondering why I have a pic of Shane like this well the reason why is because the pic is from a collage I might make called The Pause That Makes YouTubers Look Funny 👍🏻.....anyways my question is do you guys want me to make this collage XD 😂🙈😂 #phan #phandom #phanisreal #phanislife #phanislove #phanismyotp #danisnotonfire #danieljameshowell #danhowell #adorablehowell #amazingphil #phillipmichaellester #phillester #adorablelester #dilhowlter #dil #danandphiledits #shanedawson 😘💖😘
•Dans POV• - A weight has been lifted off of me finally revealing to Phil the real reason why I was upset this morning. I still am a little heart broken and telling Phil about Zac and I meant it really did happen, but Zac broke up with me for a reason. Not because he doesn't like me, or because I did something to upset him, or that he felt we weren't connecting, but because he knew my feelings for Phil and may possibly know that Phil feels the same way back. Phil doesn't know the reason why Zac broke up with me as we were interrupting, but I feel like he may have a clue. I will talk to him about all of this some point here on this trip and see if he really does feel the same way I feel about him and maybe regain our trust for each other and form the relationship I've been missing for years. Thinking about it is making me feel even more nervous then I already am. We will talk tonight, but now we have to focus on Vidcon as we are at a panel where we are answering questions about vlogging and giving a quick guide about it. I'm not the best in front of crowds but what I love about Vidcon is It opens me up into doing things I never would have done in the past. The vibe from our viewers out in the crowd and the comfort knowing there are other youtube creators that do what we do sitting beside us gives me the confidence I would lack other wise. At the moment it looks like Phil is losing that confidence. I look over at him for a second as iJustine is speaking. "You alright?" I whisper. Phil nods his head before looking down at the table after attempting to speak but backing out. Through out this entire event Phil has been getting cut off from the other youtubers. I don't think they are doing it on purpose but it keeps happening and I can tell it is really starting to get to Phil. I try to encourage him to speak and when he eventually does I'm always nodding my head showing my interest, but he's just so shy and gets scared in front of crowds that he allows to be talked over rather than voicing what he wants to say. His confidence looks like it's slowly getting drained from him each time and if he gets cut off one more time I will do something.
hey guys riverdale is on netflix next month so you ready for some cole sprouse bandwagoning
[ *:・゚✧*:・゚] [♡] the day after it rains is always so nice b/c all the trees & the grass look so?? pretty?? like everything is so lush and beautiful it looks like something from a movie omg [♡] ok but everyone asks why i don't 'have a crush'!1!1 on anyone in my school but i mean just about everyone there is v annoying and v problematic my dude soz lmao — comment '🥑' or 'emoji' to be tagged in the next post [🌾] qotd: leather jackets or denim jackets? [🐡] aotd: denim jackets 120%