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I'm super nervous about competing tomorrow so I keep rewatch the video of when I competed as Moxxi from @borderlands. It was my first time competing alone although @melonkittycreations had my back in the waiting room and somehow I managed Best in Class. A lot of people I know seem to be competing tomorrow. And although that makes me super excited, also makes me nervous cause I know how amazingly talented they are. I obviously want them to win but I would be lying if I said I didn't want to win too. I know it's just for fun in the end. But yes, good luck to everyone who is competing! I'm be the shy little Juvia backstage unless I chicken out by tomorrow lol. β€’ Video also available on my YouTube. Thanks to Louis for helping me record the audio and to whoever held the camera to videotape it. :) β€’ #madmoxxi #moxxi #masquerade #ottawageekmarket #ottawacosplay #chicago #musical #song #singing #cover #borderlands #gamergirl #gamer #cosplaylove #cospositivity #plussizecosplay
Is anyone ready for OCC? Cause I'm not πŸ˜… seriously I'm so behind on everything but I'm hopeful!! What's everyone planning on wearing? I don't have any Instagram worthy progress photos at the moment but here's a cute lil photo @venshenanigans took of me getting my sister ready at Geek Market ❀
G'day and welcome to Manic Monday, the day I will be sharing anything amazing and unique that makes me happy. In other words, something to help you get through your Manic Monday( #ilovecyndilauper ). For our very first Manic Monday, I have this beautiful picture of my mother in law at the Ottawa Geek Market sporting one of my own creations, Hello Rainbow Coat. She is just adorable and looks so happy. But how can you not be when you are wearing a rainbow right? Hope this makes you all smile. #manicmonday #rainbowcoat #ottawageekmarket #smile
My sister makes the cutest Soraka πŸ’š I can't believe this cosplay actually got finished in time! I've had so many issues trying to make it in the past but this time everything fell into place and I made it in just over 2 days!!! 🌿 photographer: @richarddufault