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After finishing Meatball Sundae by Seth Godin, it's time for 'The war of art' - a classic one! Feels good to be back at daily reading! What book are you currently reading? Tell me!
Guess which idiot didn't have a spotter for his dropset... That grinder at the end was solely motivated by survival💥
Speedy groceryshopping inbetween work with @timothyvdp1 - who just came home from Australiaaaa. Good thing we grocery shop the same: veggies, fruit and protein😂🙌 GROCERYTIP: stick to the outer walls of the store ⏩⏩⏩ where the whole, unprocessed foods are kept! Most of the time they need to be cooled and the outlets needs walls😊😊😊 #liftyourlife
Motivation to workout can be tough. But don't we all feel so much better once it's done? When I don't feel like lifting weights a simple yoga session hits the spot. Motion is lotion people!
#TransformationTuesday #MyJourney Feb. 6th - Accountability Group Are you ready to take that initial step in changing your lifestyle? -- That picture on the left was recently sent to me by a family member who wanted to remind me how far I've come! -- I don't have many pictures of myself during those years because I didn't want my image at the time being captured. I barely even have any pictures of me pregnant because I also didn't want that captured! Silly I know, but I just couldn't accept the changes that were happening to my body. -- My advice now, capture every moment! There WILL be one day where you'll realize how far you've come, and you'll realize all the hard work is definitely worth it! It really doesn't even have to be physical, you can always see the mental change in a smile. -- Both the girl on the left and the girl on the right love challenges, BUT the girl in the right has changed her mindset, she challenges herself everyday because she knows, "If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you!" -- It's not about what you can accomplish in 21 days/30 days, but it's the (baby) steps you take to change your lifestyle. -- Message me if you're interested.
Peep the baby bicep, feeling too proud. 💪🏾
My tea is so wise. Roll those dice. You never know what will happen.