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'`~ ☆ "In this arrogant world Even mistakes become big sins " #xia #flower ☆ They #lie , but their #eyes don't ❄ As a common sense, people lie either to #hurt you or to #protect you, but recently l learned that they lie because they want to #hide their #ugliness ❄ Somehow it doesn't have an #influence on you by any way because it's non of your #business ❄ but .. another somehow, you are not close enough to let you know about everything inside them ❄ When you have the ability to read people' eyes, eventually you're going to know when they lie and what is the #truth behind these lies! Basically, you will come to this conclusion, " Lies can't #kill the truth " ~❄ ~ Although what is inside them still not your business, somehow it's a sign of how much you are #close to them ❄ If you get that sign you can reassess your circle ❄ #becareful about who you let in. ☆ اللهم إني استودعتك قلبي ف احفظه لي ~ ❄❤❄
Bring the heat again. No joke worlout today. Started with sitting dumbell presses 5 sets suoersetting hand clap pushups 20 teps. The burn man. #bodykonstruction #chestworkout #kill
Holy baby Jesus, where did all of you come from? With almost 20k followers I have recently made to realize that I wear the uniform & so i have an obligation to the corps, women, latinas, & immigrants (as I am all of those) to represent in good light and in good taste in order to stomp out stereotypes & this negative shadow following them all. Although this page is public I myself am actually very private. I will continue to post about my boring life, my lame selfies, & my travels to save children around the world BUTT please don't get it twisted & kill me when I post moto pics of my career and ratchet vids of my club nights. Y'all just appreciate that some of us have the ability to slay red lipstick in a little black dress & in dress blues & I will do my best to rep 💅🏽💋✌🏽👌🏽 #ayyyyy #representing #femalemarines #latinas #immigrants #fitchicks #women #cholas #mexicans #americans #kill #moto #monday #sgt #usmc #marinecorps #theyre #watching #you #slay