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Sara (sfxbysara) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Sara:

\\ You'll float too 🎈🎈// sfx sfxmua mua sfxmakeup IT itmakeup specialeffectsmakeup horror gore clown scary blood pennywise

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Victoria Lopez (vanilla_bean0312) Instagram Photos and Videos

Victoria Lopez


Comment from Victoria Lopez:

I might be sick in the head majority of the time and enjoy documentaries about serial killers but no RIP given to this bastard. Good riddance! Good morning critters. 😈🔪 Serialkiller murder death charlesmanson fuckyou gotohell Horror horrorposts horrorfan horrorghoul Goodmorning Gore dark gothic goth follow followme followmyig igdaily showertime

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Katie Devine (ktdvine) Instagram Photos and Videos

Katie Devine


Comment from Katie Devine:

Lazy skull 💀🖤sfxmakeup sfx sfxmakeupartist sfxmakeuptutorial sfxmakeupartistinthemaking bodyart facepaint facepainting mua makeuptutorial makeup makeupartist makeupart gore skull

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soundcloud (music_creator_on_soundcloud) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from soundcloud:

Perfect Match!☠💀🔥🔥💯NATIVE INSTRUMENTS MASCHINE MK2 & OVER KILL Mrmykeonthemic gore Nativeinstuments maschine mk2Soundcloud dogtags mepro

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Lacey (clowngirl.horror) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Lacey:

@roselcosplay🎈🔪 @creepcake_photog📷 clown it pennywise cosplay dancing makeup sfxmakeup sfx facepaint clownmasks masks artist photography horror gore macabre disturbing sexy itremakeup creepyclowns evilclowns killerclowns circus carnival freakshow funhouse coulrophobia

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Thomas (dreaded_fx) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Thomas:

A 'cracked earth skin' prosthetic appliance i created for a short fim. (Name TBA) specialeffectsmakeup crackedearth crackedskin specialeffectsmakeupartist sfx makeupartist sfxmakeup bloodandgore bloodandguts makeup horror prosthetics prostheticsartist mouldmaker makeupeffects makeupfx fx sculptor artist gore

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🌸 Slit my throat 🌸 (xsatans.little.bitchx) Instagram Photos and Videos

🌸 Slit my throat 🌸


Comment from 🌸 Slit my throat 🌸:

Thanksgiving is giving me anxiety 😥😩 aesthetic pinkaesthetic pastel pastelpink suicidal aestheticshot aesthetics aesthetically aestheticallypleasingfeed depressed depressingkids melaniemartinez gore blood satan slut satanismyaesthetic bloodygore gorelover

7 Minutes ago
Ara Falch (saltysugarart) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ara Falch


Comment from Ara Falch:

Some bizarre watercolour art from earlier this year haha . sketch drawing bizarre gore blood pretty girl artist aquarellepainting starfish death gorypainting paint pink kawaii cute

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Hannah Harleen (hannahharleen) Instagram Photos and Videos

Hannah Harleen


Comment from Hannah Harleen:

Repost @rjwilsonhorror ( @get_repost) ・・・ Congrats to UNDER DUSK, SHE SCREAMS and everyone involved! The film just made the TOP 10 MOST DISTURBING FILMS which is an absolute bloody fuckin HONOR. @queenmalvolia horror horrormovies horrorfilm horrorfilmmaking gore disturbing macabre wtf 15secondhorrorfilmchallenge microshort 16mm film

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Comment from 🌙▪️Kaatt▪️🌙:

Wip of what I've been up to atm with my art! @siamusic @maddieziegler who else is just obsessed with sis new Christmas singles?🙋🙋 photography photo goth gothic dark aesthetic darkaesthetic model tumblr horror horroraccount horrors horrorfan horrorfanatic death gore horroricons ighorror art artistartoninstagram artislove artislife selftaught illustration drawing sia christmas creator

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goresad❕❗ RU.LV.ING (sadgore7776) Instagram Photos and Videos

goresad❕❗ RU.LV.ING


Comment from goresad❕❗ RU.LV.ING:

arts art🎨 art artwork artworks drawings drawn drawing gore goreart gorearts goreartwork goreartworks sad sadgore

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Comment from Matthew:

Well it looks like I'm most likely moving back to my biological dads and I'm quitting T. Gonna de-transition. I'm not allowed to have social media or have a cell phone so I won't be really posting anymore. Thanks to those who have supported me but goodbye for now✌🏼 - - art artwork artist artistsoninstagram drawing drawings painting paintings watercolor acrylicpainting watercolorpainting guro gore horror eroguro guroart sketch doodle

10 Minutes ago
You Can Be My Full Time Daddy🔫 (twodirtypaws) Instagram Photos and Videos

You Can Be My Full Time Daddy🔫


Comment from You Can Be My Full Time Daddy🔫:

"You know, a long time ago being crazy meant something." -Charles Manson ✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️✖️✖ heavenfortheclimate hellforthecompany helterskelter murder blood gore killer follow like likers therealest otherworldly notfortheweak notlikemost charlesmanson crazy insane seenitall darkness evil everlasting insanity truth qotd longtimeago

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Im A Fucking Gremlin 🐻 (league_.of._pillows) Instagram Photos and Videos

Im A Fucking Gremlin 🐻


Comment from Im A Fucking Gremlin 🐻:

sfx gore goreaesthetic goremakeup sfxmakeup IM SO PROUD?

11 Minutes ago
Team Demon Fabulous (teamdemonfabulous) Instagram Photos and Videos

Team Demon Fabulous


Comment from Team Demon Fabulous:

This is our Ash for @thedevilsattic 2017 season by @porcelain_kween aka: @r3makeup Photo by: @dannyalexanderphoto Actress: John Breslin teamdemonfabulous tdf devilsattic haunter hauntlife haunt halloween evildead horror gore eba europeanbodyart deadite encore endura transfusion transfusionblood deadite ash evildead

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🦋Noah 🦋 (noah.knows) Instagram Photos and Videos

🦋Noah 🦋


Comment from 🦋Noah 🦋:

Smile! It looks good on you. . . .. . . goremakeup goremakeupeffects gore specialeffectsmakeup blood bloodmakeupdeadmakeup

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Comment from LifelessCreations:

Black Friday sale going on until 11/25/17 lifelesscreations haunter hauntlife haunt hauntedhouse hauntedattraction hauntedattractions hauntedhayride horror halloween halloweencostume halloweenmask scarecrow scarecrowmask burlapmask blood bloody gore creepy scary

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 (_gore_089) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from _gore_089:

aesthetic aesthetictumblr gore goreaesthetic goreaesthetics blood gorey grunge grungeaesthetic grungey grungetumblr bloodaesthetic bloodaesthetics

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/Matty\ (mattyscissorhand) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from /Matty\:

🍂✖️All the trees are losing leaves, and not one of them is worried✖️🍂 __________________ _______ . . . . . . __________ [emokid] [emoteen] [emoboy] [emohair] [emomakeup] [emostyle] [emotrash] [alternative] [alternativeboy] [alternativehair] [alternativestyle] [zef] [zefboy] [mcr] [mcrx] [mcramy] [killjoy] [killjoys] [killjoyswillneverdie] [bvb] [bvbarmy] [bmth] [patd] [ptv] [gore] [horror] [horrorboy] [darklings] __________________

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Beatrice 🌹💄💋 (beatricejac) Instagram Photos and Videos

Beatrice 🌹💄💋


Comment from Beatrice 🌹💄💋:

Such a fun film to work on!!🎥 I used so much fake sweat on the actors that they started calling me Svetlana😂 @studioparkway @dacrusz 🎥 🎥 🎥 🎥 scars scartissue sweat makeupartist makeup sfx sfxmakeup movie film boxing eyeofthetiger gore

16 Minutes ago
黒い剣士 · 男 · T.M.B. (struggler.jpg) Instagram Photos and Videos

黒い剣士 · 男 · T.M.B.


Comment from 黒い剣士 · 男 · T.M.B.:

Brooding Bloodlust;🥀 Morning all, back to Monday and drowning in classes. If only the holidays could come by sooner, especially the wintertime which is starting to seem elusive at this point, have a nice one 🍂.

17 Minutes ago
B E R S E R K (gatssuu) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from B E R S E R K:

//number føur: affliction//. • • • • • 💀 berserk 💀 berserkaesthetic 💀 anime 💀 animeaesthetic 💀 manga 💀 mangaaesthetic 💀 guts 💀 poetry 💀 art 💀 miura 💀 kentaromiura 💀 pain 💀 struggle 💀 depression 💀 90s 💀 suicide 💀 happiness 💀 gore 💀 shuzooshimi 💀

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dogu dogu!! (your.dogu) Instagram Photos and Videos

dogu dogu!!


Comment from dogu dogu!!:

"Your the best I've ever had!" "There's no one in this world like you!" "I will never leave you" "I love you" . . . ♥Dogu dogu!~♥ . . . noonewilleverlov dogu oc originalcharacter drawing digitalart gore selfharm blood inugami dog hahah just like how I lied to myself

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Thomas (dreaded_fx) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Thomas:

My first ever multiple piece (very) old age prosthetics for a tv pilot back in 2015. By far one of the hardest things I've had to create so far.. specialeffectsmakeup oldagemakeup oldage tvpilot angelic angelandthejerk specialeffectsmakeupartist sfx makeupartist sfxmakeup bloodandgore bloodandguts makeup horror prosthetics prostheticsartist mouldmaker makeupeffects makeupfx fx sculptor artist gore

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TESBIH&BİLEKLİK DÜNYASI (rukiyemaden) Instagram Photos and Videos





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TESBIH&BİLEKLİK DÜNYASI (rukiyemaden) Instagram Photos and Videos





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Noova (noova_doodles) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Noova:

Burning witch 🔥 Also it's my birthday and I have to take an an art test for some stupid university 200km away from home. darkart sketch witchy fire burnitdown burning gore goreart guroart softgore comicart blackwork blackandgrey blackmagic lineart gloom gloomyart wicca wiccan salem witchburning ritual satanic noova

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TESBIH&BİLEKLİK DÜNYASI (rukiyemaden) Instagram Photos and Videos





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Angela (angelapangela94) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Angela:

So I’ve recently started doing FX makeup, and this was a piece I did on @jacattackisback over the weekend. I’m getting pretty good at it, practice makes perfect!! fxmakeup gore

22 Minutes ago
슬픈 토끼 🥀 (noctokki) Instagram Photos and Videos

슬픈 토끼 🥀


Comment from 슬픈 토끼 🥀:

Not sure if my body is sore from sleeping too long or from working out at this point

22 Minutes ago
Re:Zero♡Rem♡Ram♡Emilia (rem.yer) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Re:Zero♡Rem♡Ram♡Emilia:

's typing... 💙💙💙 _____________ ______________________________ logged off... onepiece totoro rezero fairytail narutoshippuden nogamenolife noragami angelbeats anime otaku manga cosplay animeedits amv animes dragonball quotes animequotes studioghibli yourname gore horror kpop yaoi yurionice rem ram emilia subaru japan

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VBERKVLT (vberkvlt) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from VBERKVLT:

Killer Finnish death/black metal from the early 90's. These guys morphed into something very different, but check out their early material! . . . . . . extremem heavymetal deathmetal gore death mayhem mythos impalednazarene blackmetal blackmetalgirl goat goats amorphis beherit finnishdeathmetal deathmetalgirl blackmetalgirl records albumcover nowspinning vinylcollection vinyl vinyladdict vinyligclub recordcollection records albumcover belial finland osdm

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Kiraaha HMUA  💋💄🎬 (kiraaha_hmua) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kiraaha HMUA 💋💄🎬


Comment from Kiraaha HMUA 💋💄🎬:

When your client gives you a photograph of the work you did for them at halloween 👹👿👺😈👻☠💀 KiraaahaHMUA makeupartist frenchmakeupartist sfxmakeupartist sfx sfxmakeup specialeffects 5fingerssfx undiscovered_muas 100daysofmakeupchallenge scratches claws horrormakeup gore adamsfamily it clown dayofthedead celebrating sugarskull santamuerte dark freelance beardedhorror crazymakeup @5fingersfeatures @bearded_horror @undiscovered_muas @crazy.makeups @100daysofmakeupchallenge

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