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💋Mercedes💋 (bunniee_benz_est1989) Instagram Photos and Videos



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😭😭😭 I just a day where I don’t have to do this.... backtobackcalls fml sorrynotsorry stayingbusy onlyonewasliterallyaboutme specialneedsmom busybee

4 Minutes ago
White Mom On A Rampage (momma.soapa) Instagram Photos and Videos

White Mom On A Rampage


Comment from White Mom On A Rampage:

HAHAHHAHA - - - memes zumiez fml ihatemyself thot skatefasteatass shrek emo gay eatme meme ugly dankmemes dankmeme dank 420memes 420 cannibalism roblox minecraft minecraftmemes robloxmemes robloxdeathsound godisdead tidepods smokeweed skate dailymemes offensivememes netneutrality

5 Minutes ago
Patacoins TV (patacoinstv) Instagram Photos and Videos

Patacoins TV


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Cuando literalmente te acaba de llegar del correo tu colección DVD de Avatar, y anuncian que saldrá un Blu-ray... FFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU Avatar Aang AvatarTheLastAirbender Nickelodeon DVD Bluray FML

6 Minutes ago
Burger (burgerisone) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Vegas fml funday fucked yup lol lifehacks lifegoals

6 Minutes ago
너에게, 내 마음은 항복한다 (wantedskinnyordead) Instagram Photos and Videos

너에게, 내 마음은 항복한다


Comment from 너에게, 내 마음은 항복한다:

[ not me ] . tomorrow i’ll try and get control over what i’ll eat ahhh

6 Minutes ago
Hannah-Louise Wright (ruleofsecrecy) Instagram Photos and Videos

Hannah-Louise Wright


Comment from Hannah-Louise Wright:

Kingdome Come Deliverance has its own slender man 😢 Hopefully this bug will be fixed soon 🤞 kingdomcomedeliverance sirhans fml gamingpc

6 Minutes ago
Bec Harris (bec82013) Instagram Photos and Videos

Bec Harris


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whatnopotatoes nowesternpotatoes mylemonface myhideousface scaryrighr idontevenknow butitsthursday nearlytheweekend woohoo cantwait cheekpiercings secondtime fml thursday notquitefriday redhead nutter nofucksgiven tattoos tattooed tattooedwoman tattooedbabes inkedlife tats

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Dr. Dickmann (drdickmann) Instagram Photos and Videos

Dr. Dickmann


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Step away. 😈 RP: @thespeckyblonde . . . . . drdickmann doctordickmann drdickmannoriginal climax climaxtheseries lol haha memes meme memegod shit dammit omg wtf letsdoit fml rofl truth love wednesday humpday bitch bitches bitchy winewednesday

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oof (yhan.ny) Instagram Photos and Videos



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A mood fingerguns lame meme doodle memedoodle fml mood spicy sendhelp

8 Minutes ago
Brittany Werezak♑ (sinister_angel.13) Instagram Photos and Videos

Brittany Werezak♑


Comment from Brittany Werezak♑:

What's the point of playing with fire, if it doesn't burn a little🔥🔥. . . quotes thoughts fml love playingwithfire selfie sassy whysoserious restingbitchface loveit girlsofinstagram darkeyes demon pointlesshashtags

9 Minutes ago
Marugitto Cosplay (marugittocosplay) Instagram Photos and Videos

Marugitto Cosplay


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Lineup for Närcon Vinter this weekend 😄☃️❄️ Friday is FINALLY time for Mt Lady to make a debut (for some derpy times with my fellow BNHA-fan @remedycosplay), but mostly this con will be focused on assisting @tokahcosplay at Cosplay SM. So, I'll be (a casual doctor) Mercy on Saturday, just in case her Reaper needs healing 😘❤️ This week I was hit with the flu out of nowhere, but have slowly recovered. Isn't this typical?! It was the same last time I went on a trip?! WHAT ARE THE ODDS?! 😑 FML cosplay närcon bnha bnhacosplay overwatch overwatchcosplay mercy

9 Minutes ago
Alice (lo_alice_ve) Instagram Photos and Videos



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My face to the last weeks 😲🤮fmlcoldsnowwinterdepressio essionwintersicktreeshealthyno thynothingoutfitootdlastautumn

10 Minutes ago
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⬇️Tag friends, If your just passing follow @trendbrider for more‼️ - - - Banterpage comedy humour funnyshit funnymemes funniest funny funnypost funnyasf lol FML lmfao lmao comedygold hilarious 😂 haha rofl jokes summer newbanter banter comedygold instacomedy instagood instalove goviral tellafriend tagafriend pleasefollow underrated

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Ace Garza ( Instagram Photos and Videos

Ace Garza

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Lmfao me af!! truth real whylie lol fml 😬😅😂 follow4followback 👅vibes

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Banter/news/fights/drama (trendbrider) Instagram Photos and Videos



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⬇️Tag friends, If your just passing follow @trendbrider for more‼️ - - - Banterpage comedy humour funnyshit funnymemes funniest funny funnypost funnyasf lol FML lmfao lmao comedygold hilarious 😂 haha rofl jokes summer newbanter banter comedygold instacomedy instagood instalove goviral tellafriend tagafriend pleasefollow underrated

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Santiago Nicolalde (santinico85) Instagram Photos and Videos

Santiago Nicolalde


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fact ohsi fml

16 Minutes ago
Shailesh Khanal 🇳🇵🎶🎸🎤 (shailesh432hz) Instagram Photos and Videos

Shailesh Khanal 🇳🇵🎶🎸🎤


Comment from Shailesh Khanal 🇳🇵🎶🎸🎤:

. . . . . . . . . . . . breat pinkfloyd ledzeppelin love rockmusic coversong instamusic musician guitarist rogerwaters meditation eckharttolle lsd suicide single depressed fuck meditation alanwatts thirdeye pinealgland enlightenment osho alien soul universe fuckmylife fml hope

16 Minutes ago
tara michele <3 (misstarababii) Instagram Photos and Videos

tara michele <3


Comment from tara michele <3:

Follow up in two weeks. fml home castlife lol

16 Minutes ago
Learning to Mom (learning_to_mom) Instagram Photos and Videos

Learning to Mom


Comment from Learning to Mom:

FML This is why with a toddler I still can’t have nice things or just things that are mine. Everything ends up hers or broken. Had not even had the fairy 24hrs before the bestie over enthusiastically wanted to teach it to go down the slide... now she’s a double amputee. momlife momsofinstagram mumsofinstagram mummy mommy fairydoor destruction mykiddidthis

18 Minutes ago
Sergio-Senpai (sergiosenpai13) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Me all my followers💕 anime animememes animememe animegirl animegirls waifus memes meme ecchii <—DON’T GO THERE ERr I mean unless u want to who tf am I to stop you love lewd fml cringe cringememes

18 Minutes ago
Shelby Bargren (lapitabonitashelbster) Instagram Photos and Videos

Shelby Bargren


Comment from Shelby Bargren:

fml beautyqueen barbie problems ohwell needed a fill anyways...

19 Minutes ago
Educate. Inspire. Entertain (johnny.vandal) Instagram Photos and Videos

Educate. Inspire. Entertain


Comment from Educate. Inspire. Entertain:

Thanks to all the mentally unstable idiots that think its a great idea to shoot up schools, I get to have a conversation with my 8 year old son about why I'm having him carry a doorstop in his backpack. Why? Because this 2 dollar peice of rubber can save his, and many other peoples lives. Because of the world we live in, chaulk full of safe space needing, participation trophy receiving, tide pod eating, snowflakes, that cant handle life without popping some kind of psychotropic medication, I have the inconvenient task to explain to my son, than in the event of shots being fired in his school, IF AN EXIT IS TOO FAR AWAY, to get to any room he can get to first, preferably a bottom floor, close and lock the door and put this doorstop in the bottom of the door. ( if it's an inward opening door ) Why? Because if the shooter should feel the need to shoot out the lock, after being unable to open the door, the door stop will buy more time for my son and other kids to smash out a window and climb/jump out. A broken ankle is better than a bullet in the lung. I'm no dooms day prepper, or over-worried basket case about things, however, this might be the best 2 bucks my wife ever spent. If you have a child, I suggest doing the same. They could potentially save many lives. They could be a hero. parentingwin parenting101 doorstop savelives schoolshooting school FML kidsthesedays Millenials guns gun shooting

20 Minutes ago
Toni (heysugalump) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Toni:

Tonight’s workout is sponsored by the mountain of fried zucchini I ate at Carmine’s this weekend. fml fatbastard 😩😩😩😩

20 Minutes ago
ShmoneyCouple (eleven11.23) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Who wants to pay me lip injections? smalllips fml brunette tattoo filter girl paypal canada usa rhecgirl browneyes modelscout model l4l f4f cute

21 Minutes ago
JMuir ☕️❤🌎🌴🐾 (gypsea_luna) Instagram Photos and Videos

JMuir ☕️❤🌎🌴🐾


Comment from JMuir ☕️❤🌎🌴🐾:

Rocco 🍩 Ijustwashedhim2daysago fml always thisdogs crazydog

22 Minutes ago
B A S I C - 美的 (basictolight) Instagram Photos and Videos

B A S I C - 美的


Comment from B A S I C - 美的:

• mistake • aesthetic aesthetictumblr aestheticshit tumblr tumblrshit nice clean cleanpic cleanquotes plain white fuck fuckme FML mistake wrong simple thoughts nightthoughts decisions

23 Minutes ago
Depressed person 😑 (depression_games_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Depressed person 😑


Comment from Depressed person 😑:

I know it probably doesn't make sense at first glance but it's a little logo I made for me to admit im suicidal without anyone knowing, if you look at it you should be able to see an "m" then at the top left of the m is an "o" in the middle there is an "r" and on the right is a "t". So it says "Mort" which means death in a bunch of languages. So yeah im pretty cryptic, but I guess I need to be. 😭😔 - worthless broken depressed ugly fat anxiety depression hate tired selfharmmm razor hurt fuckup suicide suicidal sorry death cutting depressionquotes selfharmed selfhatred hatred everythingiswrong depressededit quote depressedquotes fml crying death

23 Minutes ago
Daniel Grendell (1sick06_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Daniel Grendell


Comment from Daniel Grendell:

Unfortunately my car died yesterday and the it wont even crank over. I was cruising on the freeway at 80 and it started loosing power when I gave it gas and so I pulled over and checked the oil.... there was a whole lot of "glitter" in it.... very sad to see a 3000 mile rebuild already go to shit... . subaruproblems wrx metalflake oil sad died fml

25 Minutes ago
karley kat (pukeyinpink) Instagram Photos and Videos

karley kat


Comment from karley kat:

Anxiety will be the death of me anxiety mentalhealth mentalillness severe anxietyattack recoveryishard recoveringaddict drugrecovery recoveryisworthit fml sad

25 Minutes ago
Elias Kaiser (elias.kaiser) Instagram Photos and Videos

Elias Kaiser


Comment from Elias Kaiser:

Done for today. Sick. @julian.widmaier @nikolai.meissnest parkourdoublekongfreerunlinef lineflowphysicallyfmlnicedayto daytodayflipsaltoadidasnicesto cestormfreerunkongfarflowlinec linecreativeobstaclesbrodidita iditauerbachsaltogainerflygopr

26 Minutes ago
Créol Brothers (creolbrothers) Instagram Photos and Videos

Créol Brothers


Comment from Créol Brothers:

Noooooo 🤷🏾‍♂️🙃🌀😭 @acollectionofawesome lmfao lol outofwack damnit lost gone chapstick notagain classic fml spiralingoutofcontrol life thestruggleisreal creolbrothers refreshtodeath spreadthelove ❤️

26 Minutes ago
Fans of Sam Smith (samsmith_greece) Instagram Photos and Videos

Fans of Sam Smith


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Fuck this shit I'm out... samsmith samsmithworld fml fuckthisshitimout

27 Minutes ago
Bominick Dyrne (unholy_memes_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Bominick Dyrne


Comment from Bominick Dyrne:

My last post was deleted.😡😡😡 💥Follow @unholy_memes_ for more meme content💥 rip robloxmemes edgymemes memes oofmemes dead bestgore minecraft ni🅱🅱a fml billcosby lmao lol laugh memeoftheday dankmemes fnaf bushdid911 offensivememes

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