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★So… Let me explain this picture: About a hour ago I was suddenly falling asleep. I was dreaming about me and another person. I didn't know who she was. Tom is representing me in that picture. I was underwater, sleeping. I was able to breathe (for some reason). I slowly opened my eyes and saw a sea creature in front of me. She looked like a mixture of a mermaid and a sea dragon (?). But she was so beautiful. I tried to ask her, who she was, but she just kissed me and I woke up???? And now I'm super confused??? I didn't know who that was and why did she kiss me??? So many questions and I can't answer them all,,★ ----- ✿ Daily vibes: - ✿ ----- #thiscrush #Eddsworld #ewtom #traditionalart #fanart #art #practice #drawing #doodle #ppastelsocs
SPIDER-GWEN - unmasked 🕷💕