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Something very wrong has happened to time... Next Time, ❄The Doctor Returns... ❄With The Doctor... ❄The 2017 Christmas Special 'Twice Upon A Time' ❄ON BBC ONE & BBCA, ❄Christmas Day, ❄Time TBC ❄Starring Peter Capaldi as The Doctor ❄David Bradley as The Doctor ❄Mark Gatiss as The Captain ❄Pearl Mackie as Bill ❄Jodie Whittaker as The Doctor #DoctorWho  #DrWho  #TARDIS #PeterCapaldi  #The12thDoctor #MattLucas  #StevenMoffat #DoctorWhoSeries10 #DoctorWhoChristmas2017 #The13thDoctor #JodieWhittaker
(Ich hab das Bild mal bei @kiai_kiel geklaut :P) Die KiAICon ist vorbei und hat dieses Jahr richtig Spaß gemacht 😁 Ich habe tolle Leute getroffen und mein Auftritt am Sonntag hat auch viel Spaß gemacht. Ich freue mich, dass trotz der Auftrittszeit am Vormittag einige da waren ❤ Alles in Allem eine sehr schöne Con! #kiaicon #kiaicon17 #convention #doctorwho #doctorwhocosplay
Forgot my watermark I am going to go rock climbing tomorrow and its so fun because I love being in a harness so that when I jump off, I am flying and I reallyyyyyy want to fly tags~ #doctorwho #claraoswald
PneumoThorax / CT-scan #doctorwho Independent Young Doctor 😎
Virgin and Child with Angels (detail), Bartolomeo Cavarozzi, 1620 Another fucking rant below - - - Hey here's some ways to have a mental illness Are you diagnosed with it? You have it Are you not diagnosed with it? You have symptoms Honey if u believe u have a mental illness and aren't diagnosed with it then guess WhAT? You don't fuckinf have it. Wanna know what you have? SYMPTOMS, YOU HAVE SYMPTOMS. YOU DONT HAVE IT YOU SIMPLY HAVE SYMPTOMS. You COULD have it, you MAY have it, there's a CHANCE you have it, but if you aren't diagnosed with it then... u don't have it... Not everyone can be diagnosed, mainly bc of issues like where they live, their home situation, fear, but even then if you aren't diagnosed then you don't fucking have it. Self diagnosis isn't excusable, it isn't okay, it isn't a good thing - it's plain fucking rude, dumb, and once again DUMB. I've suffered from mental illnesses my whole life, ive been refused diagnosis - I know how it feels, I know what it's like. However, self diagnosis still isn't real, okay, or good. I was only diagnosed a couple years ago (however my ADD diagnosis was this year) and if I wasn't diagnosed then would I have had it still? Yes but I only know that because I was diagnosed!!!!!!! You could have fucking anything!!!!!!!!! But if you aren't diagnosed with it !!!!!!!!! It's always going to be COULD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you really want help then go get fucking diagnosed, and if you can't then trust me I feel bad for you but that simply means the most you can have is symptoms.
"Thought it was mysterious, but then dropped the 'who'." • Season finale or Christmas special? • Season finales are great 👍