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✨Mermaid Enthusiast✨ (mythsdoodles) Instagram Photos and Videos

✨Mermaid Enthusiast✨


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(Swipe) Lust and my two favorite smol angry blondes, Edward Elric and Yuri Plisetsky💗💗😭 • artartiststumblrtumblrartske rtsketchingsketchespaintingmyt ngmythsdoodlesfangirlfandomcop omcopiccopicsketchcopicsgelpen elpensdigitalartdigitalpaintin intingdigitalartistfmablustfma stfmabfullmetalalchemistbrothe

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allison tanenhaus (atanenhaus) Instagram Photos and Videos

allison tanenhaus


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mujo_ramic (mujo_ramic) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Colored and shaded. simpsons homersimpson simpsonsart vector vectorart vectorillustration illustrator adobeillustrator adobe adobephotoshop photoshop graphicdesign graphicdesigner digitalart digitalpainting digitalartist mujo_ramic desmoines iowa drawing drawings draw drawingoftheday colored skull skulls

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Xim (xim_art) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Ruki- The gazettE Something little different because finally I feel motivation to draw - - rukithegazettefanartd nartdigitalartartdrawingjrockt rocktakanori내그림드로잉소묘그림wipinsta 日本 kpopfanartsketchdigitalpaintin intingreitamakeupvisualkeibeau digitaldrawing gazette

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It's the weekend! Check @valsev.catalog for online order and detail product.

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yue (4ziyue) Instagram Photos and Videos



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why is not doing anything more stressful? - photoshop digitalpainting swamp wetlands sun digitalart kids

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Armando Elizondo (dreampigment) Instagram Photos and Videos

Armando Elizondo


Comment from Armando Elizondo:

Here is Saturday Digital Sketch Week 3. Like the previous two weeks, I only allowed myself 30 minutes to sketch. Please excuse some of my anatomy and proportions. Other than that, hope you guys enjoy! I will upload a time lapse video of this sketch on YouTube tomorrow. Check out my website to find my channel. Hope you enjoy! SaturdayDigitalSketch Saturday sketch drawing practice doodle warmup artwork digitalPainting digitalSketch digiArt cute girl woman gal backSide whaleTail blackAndWhite figureSketch noreference dreampigment SDS ✍🏻 adobePhotoshop

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EastvArt (eastvart) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Day 8! artistsoninstagram digitalart digitalpainting

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Alicia Thebest (thebest_alicia) Instagram Photos and Videos

Alicia Thebest


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God, Man and Other Beings foodie abstractart digitalpaint digitalpainting impressionism abstractimpressionism tech abundance prosperity artist fit healthy wealthy coffee smoothie guitar ukulele guitalele tea music modernart kunst contemporaryart expressionism abstractexpressionism bnw postmodernart visualart otherworldly shouldbeasleepseries

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Newbie Artist (thecozyartist) Instagram Photos and Videos

Newbie Artist


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Series of Art! I am gonna go from basics as my sir told me to rather than drawing portraits from beginning, I am really bad at drawing. The reason why I decided to make a page on Instagram because I wasted my 2017 and decided to something worthy from 2018. I am so lazy for doing anything but as i made a video and uploaded here, now I cannot run away from me and you guys. I need to do it! So, this is my first step! Let's do it. 🔥Keep motivated! :) goodtimes wendys art digitalpainting illustration digitalart painting sketchbook tattos artist tumblr artistic artists arte likeforlike dibujo myart nawden india graphicdesign graphic illustrator colour artoftheday beyonce drawings markers

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mofo (your_mofo) Instagram Photos and Videos



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"The Flash" by Eric Basaldua & Nei Ruffino theflash wallywest scarletspeedster fastestmanalive speedforce superhero justiceleague dccomics digitalpainting illustration ebas ericbasaldua neiruffino

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🌱Cherryshards 🌱 (cherryshard) Instagram Photos and Videos

🌱Cherryshards 🌱


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I was bored so I did this! :))) . . . art drawing sketch doodle digitalpainting digitalart red smoking instaart instaartist cherryshards

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William Ciunar (artbyciu) Instagram Photos and Videos

William Ciunar


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Im not post anything in a month 😅😅😅 such an unproductive person 😆😆😆 this indraw twice dahyun as archer digitalart digitalpainting digitaldrawing drawing twice dahyun

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AkioArt(รับวาดรูป/วาดการ์ตูน) (my_akio) Instagram Photos and Videos



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For my dear.jungyeon . . . . . . . art artist artistsoninstagram artwork paint painting digitalart digitalpainting digitalartwork twice twicejungyeon jyp fanart colorful watercolor pastel adobe girlgroup รับวาดรูปdrawing sketch digitalartist

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Ricky Romero (mrrevenge) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ricky Romero


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🌱🐤 • • Another oldie 💛 • finalfantasy vivi chocobo videogames gameart gamer finalfantasyvivi finalfantasy9 finalfantasyix ff9 nerdart fanart playstation games ff digitalart digitalpainting photoshop art_motive artgallery finalfantasyart art drawing illustration digitalillustration

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Eduardo Lopez (elope_artistry) Instagram Photos and Videos

Eduardo Lopez


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MIRICALEINMINNESOTA minnesotavikings vikings stephondiggs nfl nflfootball nflplayoffs digitalart digitalpainting digitalillustration

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Kelsey Martin (kelseymartindraws) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kelsey Martin


Comment from Kelsey Martin:

WIP thing I'm not quite happy with. What do you guys think? art digitalpainting digitalart critique feedback illustration scifi

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ズ丂 (ks.blueprint) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Bartier Drippi @iamcardib • cardib offset cardi gfx graphicdesign cartoonist cartoon followme art artist dopeblackart youngblackartists digitalpainting digitalart commision

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Eduardo Lopez (elope_artistry) Instagram Photos and Videos

Eduardo Lopez


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SACKSONVILLE sacksonville jacksonvillejaguars jaguars jalenramsey nflfootball nflplayoffs illustration digitalpainting digitalillustration

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Chris Hdz (sketchy_chris_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Chris Hdz


Comment from Chris Hdz:

Run, Forest!!! Run!!! runcycle animation 🏃 day6 penciltest rough

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mik & sarah !! (artisticozone) Instagram Photos and Videos

mik & sarah !!


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THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH FOR 1000 FOLLOWERS AAAANKHIDWNWIXWNIXENIAF !!!-sarah hashtags- art art🎨 flower flowers drawing artist artofig artwork visual artofinstagram nature dailyart color colours colors colour aesthetic artistsoninstagram oilpainting wacom prismacolor animation gif cute digitalart digitalpainting copic dogsofinstagram dogs sarahscharafanta

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Kaitlin Marcotte | Art (ktpursuits) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kaitlin Marcotte | Art


Comment from Kaitlin Marcotte | Art:

Okay, last one! Horse sketch/study based off of @rhysands.sassenach’s adorable Belle . . Took a little longer for this one since I stopped to eat dinner for a bit. I honestly don’t remember the last time I drew horses (before this past week at least), so these were nice to do. May do a few more studies like these in the future, but I’m calling in a night for now. . . . art sketch sketching sketchy painting drawing illustration study horse equestrian animal digitalart digitalsketch digitalpainting photoshop wacom cintiq

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Ika Amna (ikaamna) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ika Amna


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Digital painting (7/365) - fast retouch. tools krita, huion. digitalpainting digitalilustration digitalart panting landscape scapepainting menggambar mewarnai melukis lukisan ilustrasi krita huion

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 (skyelis) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from skyelis:

Late night sketching. 🤗 - sketchbook sketch digitalart digitalpainting figure portrait pencildrawing drawing dailysketch dailydrawing dailyart linework color illustration instaart photoshop robot latenight

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master_seni_tim (timmasterseni) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Ketahui rahasia taklukkan Ujian Keterampilan SBMPTN FSRD ITB 2018 di dalam salah satu Paket Utama setelah memiliki salah satu paket kami sahabat dapat bertanya, berlatih, dan berkonsultasi online via email dan/atau WA selama 7 x 24 jam sampai selesai penggarapan Portofolio SNMPTN FSRD ITB 2018 dan sampai 3 hari jelang pelaksanaan Ujian Keterampilan SBMPTN FSRD ITB 2018. Dua kunci keberhasilan Siswa/i Online kami sejak Tahun 2009 sampai dengan 2017 baik yang namanya ingin dicantumkan di web kami da yang tidak ingin dicantumkan di web kami  adalah : 1. Siswa/i Online kami lebih mengetahui referensi soal dan contoh jawaban terbaik di dalam paket dan semakin tajam dengan adanya artikel penjelasannya. 2. Siswa/i Online kami berlatih secara tepat dan benar langsung ke prioritas utama dan mengetahui apa saja yang harus dilakukan dan apa saja yang harus dihindari baik dalam menggarapPortofolio SNMPTN FSRD ITB dan/ataupun menjawab Materi Ujian Menggambar 1 dan 2 pada UJian Keterampilan SBMPTN FSRD ITB 2018 dimanapun mereka melaksanannya. sbmptn sbmptnfsrditb fsrditb bimbelonline bimbelsenirupa ujianketerampilan gambarsuasana psikotes cartoon itb jakarta bandung medan riau kuningan cirebon yogyakarta surabaya semarang bogor depok digitalpainting fineart pontianak banjarmasin makassar visualart drawing digitalarts

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Rodrigo Araya Artworks (rodrigo.araya_artworks) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rodrigo Araya Artworks


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wonderwoman dc dccomics digitalart art digitalpainting artwork photoshop illustration rodrigoarayaartworks

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Maorenc毛毛人 (maorenc) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Maorenc毛毛人:

Devilman crybaby -- Akira I just finished Devilman crybaby, the ending is so sad, and my feelings is very complicated after watching it. I also go read the comic version to know more about the story. I think the crybaby version is much more nicer, more interesting characters and everything more clear. devilmancrybaby devilman akira digitalpainting digitalart muscle

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The Fox.Unipopcorn (thesmurffinfox) Instagram Photos and Videos

The Fox.Unipopcorn


Comment from The Fox.Unipopcorn:

Draw this black opal for Kimmie ~ @opalrabbit material gemstone digitalpainting blackopal opal study painting drawing art artist artwork artoftheday

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kat (karpoii) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from kat:

playing around with textures! i think i like this way of colouring :D (might make my otafest prints use this style :P) - - - originalcharacter originalart digitalart myart drawing artistsoninstagram digitalpainting

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Locust (locustart) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Locust:

"There's your answer" . . . . . . locust crystalline abstract glitch albumcover albumart dream trippy psychedelic acid photoshop purplegang digital digitalart scifi illustration digitalpainting glitchart glitchmafia aesthetic modernart gfx graphicdesign design mood style digital neon noir abstractart

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sad artist (ferdyuno) Instagram Photos and Videos

sad artist


Comment from sad artist:

Finished version of last night speed drawing😉😉 art artwork draw drawing アート イラスト 女 女子 artist digitalart digitalpainting painting portrait illustration digitaldrawing girl paintings artsy artoftheday ferdyuno digitalartwork digitalillustration originalcharacter characterdesign hipster aesthetic sketch

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Stephanie Ginther (baskervilles_hounds) Instagram Photos and Videos

Stephanie Ginther


Comment from Stephanie Ginther:

Day 20 of creatuanary2018 : qilin . . . . . kirin chinese mythology chimera hybrid creature asian culture fantasyart procreate ipadpro instaart drawing dailyart sketchdaily creaturedesign illustration illustrationoftheday artoftheday unicorn drawingoftheday digitaldrawing painting digitalpainting characterdesign conceptart iowaartist

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Rae 🦉💐 (raennii) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rae 🦉💐


Comment from Rae 🦉💐:

For some reason this file refused to look the same on my phone as it did on my laptop so unfortunately the color scheme is a little off even after my editing attempt. If anyone out there has experience with how to avoid that issue in the future Id be quite grateful to hear it -Rae 💜

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