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I'm dying. I'm sick. I can't finish my project because I'm sick. I feel sore and like I'm burning in hell. I am sorry to disappoint some people who are depending on me to finish work. I'll do tags in my next post I swear. (Sorry @http.chaos_ )
I stumbled across this while watching Crash course: World History on YouTube and I found it very hilarious. But there is also a deeper meaning to this. Basically, two wrongs don't make a right. It's better to move on and let things go. Noone is any better for revenge. Hopefully, let that be our guide as we start a new week. P.s. I had a long week with new adventures and I'm very excited for what the future holds. Have a fantastic week everyone. #jevwiacole #quotes #norevenge #funnyquotesdaily #funny #humour #quotestoliveby #inspirationalquotes #quirky #deepmeaning #sundayquotes #blogger #quoteoftheday #quoteoftheday✏️
SENI UKIR KAYU , This is one of Osing tribe activities at desa kemiren, banyuwangi, east java, Indonesia. . . . . . . @desakemiren