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‘I Want You’ another deeply evocative work by the artist, Van Saro @vansaro
GO and listen to the NRTHN EP, NOW! This beautiful, talented and humble man has created art that feels like swimming in a sea of sound and vibration. Pump it up on good speakers if you have them and be transported somewhere else. ❤️🔥⚡️ @nrthnmusic available on iTunes and Spotify. I love when delicious people make delicious things!
✨✨DEEP デビュー10周年✨✨ 本当に本当におめでとうございます❗❗❗❗ これからもずっとTAKAさん☆YUICHIROさん☆KEISEIさん☆RYOさん☆4人で歌っていてください✨✨ #DEEP #デビュー #記念日 #10周年 #おめでとう
– where's somewhere you've always wanted to travel to?
With everything going on I think it's important to touch base on the subject.... #suicide I HATE when ppl say committing is taking the "easy" easy out🤔 who are you to say what the "easy" way was? So many ppl go through things every day and some handle it better than others. Not everyone is strong enough to take on the challenges that life throws at them and continue to smile through it. Not everyone talks about the things that are going on in theirs lives in fear of being judged or even ignored. Instead of passing judgment maybe you should pay more attention to the signs and the reasons behind it. Nobody ever jst wants to kill themselves, smthn triggers it💯 Rip to the guy and his gf who passed last week🙏🏽 #message #life #death #choices #hurt #pain #suïcideawarness #suïcidalthoughts #judgementalpeople #rip #awerness #deep #lost #hone #depression #fear by @mr_cda