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The family is looking for food an drink donations if you could help dm me , need everyone's suppport . Attention to all the Houston underground scene #fatboifilms needs our #help he has come down with #cancer so on may 27 at 11am they are throwing him a #bbqbenefit to raise funds till he can get Medicade but now he needs funds to get things done . The event will be held at #pasadenalivesocialbar 6915 #spencerhwy please keep him an his family in #prayers at the time of need thanks #teamfatboi #teamfatboifilms
This is my first trip since I've been diagnosed with cancer and no longer in a relationship. Practicing yoga in a silent room for almost 2 hours every morning, then going into my day by myself, into a city I do not know, brings a lot of dormant emotions to the surface. I didn't realize how attached I am to my busy life, my children, the need for reactions/validation from those around me to whom I have daily interaction with, and to my life story. Who am I without these things? If I was stripped of these things, what would be left? As uncomfortable as this feels, I know this is bound to happen one day. Everything that arises, will pass. My children will grow up and move out, this body will get older and will slow down, friends/family may move away and relationships changes. What will be left is me. This is the place i want to be comfortable in. This is place where I want to be rooted in, knowing fully who I am. To honor my roles in my life, but not needing them to make me feel complete or whole. I'm realizing that every uncomfortable situation that we find ourselves in, the universe giving you an opportunity to move deeper into who you truly are..into Self. #yoga #meditation #vipassana #ashtanga #mysore #cancer #lymphoma #love #toknowthyself #practiceandalliscoming
A doctor who specializes in treating people with cancer is called an oncologist. For the past 50 years people have visited #BajaCalifornia to get cancer treatment. Image from Hospital Angeles Tijuana, one of the high end clinics in #Tijuana.