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This is my senpai, now, you may be wondering where the fuck is he from? His name is Kaito (YES LIKE ASSSSTRO BOY) but, he is from a video game called Akiba's trip that I have beat two times now. I enjoy the game very much and I came across it for PS4 at GameStop, I just wanted to buy anime RPG games I'm glad I randomly picked this one because I fell inlove with the characters and especially KAITO. As well as Rin (a pigtail tsundere) being my waifu. ;) TAGS :)- #akibastrip #akibastripundeadandundressed #videogame #anime #shizukutokikaze #kaitotachibana #yutotachibana #rintokika #waifu #strip #animu #otaku #animememe #edit #cute
Sharing an updated PS Vita physical collection 💕 There are a lot more games I definitely want! But I admit there's about 2 sealed here and I couple more I haven't even started 😕! Devoted to play only goodbye despair today! It's been so fun. Currently at chapter 5!!! Ahh! This past week I have been juggling between games but that's a gamers life no? 👍🏽😆
I'm back with reviews! And time to review my guilty pleasure of last season. - [ ❄️Winter 2017❄️ ] . Anime: Akiba's Trip The Animation Overall rating: 6/10 Episodes: 13 Studio: Gonzo . Overall view (writing, plot ect.) I had the most fun watching this anime that I've had in a long time. Now, in no world could I say that the writing in this show is anything other than below average. But, the show didn't take itself seriously and actually was pretty funny and I had some legit laughs, especially towards the end. Each episode got more ridiculous and over the top, it was hard not to enjoy. This show was fun. The characters were pretty likable surprisingly, and the ridiculous antics really made this so damn enjoyable. Perhaps it wasn't the most high quality, cleverly written or executed fun, but a whole load of fun nevertheless. . . Animation and Presentation: This show pulled a classic Gonzo, and had pretty low animation. The first episode looked pretty good, but when episode 2 kicked in it, eeeeehhh. The animation was still pretty full of life even if it was pretty off. The colours were very vibrant and nice to look at, and the character designs were pretty exceptionally great. The directing didn't amaze me, but I guess they didn't have much animation quality to work with. . Soundtrack, ect. I actually liked the soundtrack. It was quirky and upbeat, and the main theme that plays right at the start of episode 1 and a few other times throughout the show is really good. The OP is pretty great too, and I've found the band and I'm following their YouTube now. And even though the ED was used to sell ad space clearly, I like how they changed it up every episode. . . In conclusion, Akiba's Trip was fun. My score for it is low because it wasn't the most high quality anime but I still really enjoyed it. I would recommend it as some good ol fun. But tell me below what you thought! Did you find it as enjoyable as I did? Thanks for reading! .