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Hey guys! Sorry I haven't posted in forever! But I moved and haven't done any cosplay lately! But soon I'll get my sewing machine and start work on star guardian miss fortune💕 also sucy💕 so just hold on for a bit! Here is an old mayo picture I hope someday I'll get photos of her😭
Finally had time to binge the entire No Game No Life series and this was by far the most glorious reference made!!! Ashamed I found out there's no second season plans, but I'll accept the movie over nothing at all. #anime #nogamenolife #persona4 #steinsgate #akibastrip
🦋AKIBA'S TRIP THE ANIMATION🦋 • i don't want to go into detail about this anime because its so much better to watch without knowing what's going to happen. if you need something fun and simple to laugh with, this is perfect. there's no real plot, which is why this is so fun and easy to follow, i definitely recommend it, and i wish there was more anime like this! • i'm sorry i haven't posted in so long, i was on holiday with limited wifi and i've been busy since i got back, regular posting is back from now on! • • • • • • •tags• #animereview #animereviews #animereviewer #akibastrip #akibastriptheanimation #akibastriptheanime #akibastripanime