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Loved being reunited with @annieyu29 at the #Matrix17 awards luncheon. Brings back memories of the #AKA shows. We're just missing @kevinmccarthytv ! **The Matrix awards are so inspiring because it's about celebrating women who've achieved great things in the communications industry. Thankful for the invite to witness it and hear their words of wisdom.
I can remember us all in Lecture at Bolton hall talking about how we should become Greek. We started looking up what orgs was on campus and trying to learn more about Greek life (and no we wasn't paying attention 😂) . You was one of my biggest supporters cheering for me during my zeta journey and now I was able to do the same for you for your journey. Words cannot express how happy I am for you. My roll dog , my day 1 since freshman year is now an ALPHA woman! 🐸🕊 #aka #alphakappaalpha #zphib #zetaphibeta #spring15 #spring17 #uwm #milwaukee
Coffee break ☕️ ~ we've been running around the city all day shooting some awesome looks 📸 We can't wait to show you guys ☺️☺️ Be sure to check out our IG story for some behind the scenes footage