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This is why Its so tricky to claim yourself to be a skatebrand. @ripndip is over here sellin false products for their supposed to be "customer base" and not giving them a product that comply with their actions. "Skate company" when their hats rust from the clip. Ive have so many strap back hats, that the clip has never rusted this bad on me. How is a daily skater, wearing this skate brand supposed to spend money and unknowingly have to deal with rust on his head? They literally RIP you off N DIP on your ass. Support skatebrands that have been here from the start. Dont let companies like this one push em off the grid. Cause it aint worth it. #fuckthis #keepskatingalive #supportrealbrands # #thesenuts #ripNdipyouoff #onlylocal #skatersonly #ripoffs #ripnshit
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