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Getting there
Это он #Lone @Zhasik__official B M W Я люблю то, что делаю. Благодарю всевышнего и жизнь, за эту возможность, заниматься тем чем в кайф - выходить на сцену. Взрываться энергией и получать ее от вас. Синергия. Здесь и сейчас. А потом возвращаться к ней. И к малым. Вот такое большое счастье, маленького человека.
... Continue... I walked up the hill briskly as I drank my coke. Suddenly realised may be I should lower my gear for once. I have got nothing to rush anyway. Not today at least. Nonetheless, I still made myself arrived before it was even open. 8:56am! #Notre #Dame Du Haut! How people adore you. How each architects and designers worship you. I wasn't a huge mega fan of Le #corbusier, I studied about him and his work of course. I have made a trip to #Ville #Savoye before too. But stood before the gate and visitor centre that done by #Renzo #Piano, excited is not even enough to describe 1/10 of how I felt! At 9am. I greeted with the second soul that I met. She said it is the best to visit between 9 to 11, the tranquil time before the massive tour group arrive. You have to come and experience yourself. No point telling you. Personal #feeling is just… not meant to put into words. The moment you put into words, it becomes something else. It's not like you squeeze an orange becoming orange juice. Tired but all worth it. Quality 8, 9 hours well-spent with me, myself, I and architecture! But then just as I was happily heading back to basel… fuck a duck. There was an accident at the railway in front of my train at Mulhouse. I was so close to basel. But it turned so far suddenly. I was stuck at the #Mulhouse platform… it was 17 hours since I woke up. 9pm... I ended up home at around 2am. Four five hours delay! Big time...however, it turns out not that bad an experience at all. And make me think again that. Things happen with a reason. be continued... #Pilgrimage #traveling #lone #wolf