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Katrin Roth (katlunacos) Instagram Photos and Videos

Katrin Roth


Comment from Katrin Roth:

Night owl So my dark zoo has a new member! A wonderfull, white eyed owl! The eyes and forehead adornment are made of real opal gemstones while the black heart on it's chest is a rainbow obsidian *.* . . . . gemstone heart black darkjewelry witchfashion opal owl nightowl handgemacht handmade ooakjewellery ooakdesign obsidian rainbow clayartist arttowear wearableart fimo fimocreations polymerclayjewelry goth gothfashion gothicjewelry alternativestyle

30 Seconds ago
Хелло Китты Боыс (hellokittyboys_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Хелло Китты Боыс


Comment from Хелло Китты Боыс:

crows peck our gucci now, we are the mayors of the bloody town 🌹⛓🚨 hellokittyboys

1 Minutes ago
Felidae (_creeping_it_real_) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Felidae:

My sweet girl has gone in for her spay after keeping me up all night, I always hate this part punksnotdead punk punkgirl gothgirl gothic gothfashion gothgirls gothicgirl goth vape piercings piercedgirl crazycatlady cats girlwithpiercings bettybangs manicpanic

1 Minutes ago
Corban Worth-Thompson (spoooookyy_corban) Instagram Photos and Videos

Corban Worth-Thompson


Comment from Corban Worth-Thompson:

Glenfield College's finest bape bathingape goth gothboiclique emo emoboy soundcloud GlenfieldThiccBois

1 Minutes ago
Taylor MAX (taylor.maxx34) Instagram Photos and Videos

Taylor MAX


Comment from Taylor MAX:

Ben geldim😎 grunge goth gothboy inked tattoos inkedboy tattoo aesthetic alternative softgrunge ink tattooart inkedup pale urbanfashion streetstyle style gothic boy boyswithink

1 Minutes ago
Püppchen aus Blut (luna.anima) Instagram Photos and Videos

Püppchen aus Blut


Comment from Püppchen aus Blut:

Curly hair ^~^ btw. Heute geht es mir besser. Vor 2 tagen habe ich stark dissoziert und habe daher wenig erinnerung. Never give up🍭 goth gothic didsystem dissociativeidentitydisorder borderline

2 Minutes ago
☽•Gema•☾ (fallen_ivy) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from ☽•Gema•☾:

In the darkness of the night I like to enjoy a good book 📜Now Im reading interview with the vampire by Anne Rice and you? . . . book witchcraft dark photography gothic goth gothstyle red forest wiccac night witch wicca vampire vampiregoth alternative

2 Minutes ago
Douglas Tyson (i_desperation) Instagram Photos and Videos

Douglas Tyson


Comment from Douglas Tyson:

so i decided to get creative again and this came to me Turcom creepy digitalart goth handdrawing penboard staycreepy pagan witch death skull ramskulls

2 Minutes ago
Lover Bean (jupiterboopiter) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lover Bean


Comment from Lover Bean:

meh selfie . . . . . . . . . . emo emogirl scene scenegirl alternative alternativegirl grunge punk stoner stonergirl pastel goth pastelgoth gothiclolita kawaii makeup

2 Minutes ago
Chriss Addams/Christina Corpse (christina_corpse) Instagram Photos and Videos

Chriss Addams/Christina Corpse


Comment from Chriss Addams/Christina Corpse:

😂😂😂 first number of polish Vogue is still a runing joke voguepolska cover opencasketlook christinacorpse dragqueen drag queen witch black goth punk gay queer highheels

3 Minutes ago
The Rectory (rectoryfilm) Instagram Photos and Videos

The Rectory


Comment from The Rectory:

H I G H S C H O O L S P I R I T S - Have not seen this in twenty years... Spirits HorrorMovies 1980s 1986 80s 80sHorror Video VHS VHSCovers Poster PosterArt Film Vintage Goth Ghosts Cinema Instagood InstaHorror Hollywood Horror Haunted HighSchool HorrorGram HorrorFamily HorrorAddict Director Flashback TBT ThrowbackThursday Throwback

4 Minutes ago
cactus (kuteyeol) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from cactus:

it’s ironic how I used jhope for a dark theme lol

4 Minutes ago
Lynn Dsouza (lynndsouza2911) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lynn Dsouza


Comment from Lynn Dsouza:

halloween delhi october home creativity pumpkincarving twist blackpumpkin lit lighting glow nightshot orange black photo orangeisthenewblack carved glossy art concept design innovation blackisbeautiful goth pretty fun bonding home flare

4 Minutes ago
Eleonorah. (eleonorahslife_) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Eleonorah.:

Killstar ☆

4 Minutes ago
👁‍ Marion (lct_marion) Instagram Photos and Videos

👁‍ Marion


Comment from 👁‍ Marion:

Blood drinking uglyanimalsstrangeda ngedarkhellrocknroll ❤monsterh sterhomemomentbackigersgoth a @darth.lovers fireproud @mathiasauster photographe

4 Minutes ago
❤️ DDLG/PETPLAY/BDSM ❤️ (_.daddys._.babygirl_) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from ❤️ DDLG/PETPLAY/BDSM ❤️:

I'm alternative/grunge, but I still love kawaii//harajuku pastel things which sometimes can make it hard to be a little. • • • • alternative alternativefashion alternativegirl little ddlg bdsm words punk goth grunge choker kawaii harajuku poem photography love like

4 Minutes ago
Rachelle Scholten (rachellescholten) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rachelle Scholten


Comment from Rachelle Scholten:

Myself, Germany, 2008. germany deutschland duitsland visit daytrip throwback europe europa travel travelgram insta instago instatravel world myself dutch woman window goth gothic gotiek travelblogger traveling travellingthroughtheworld instatrip instagood instagram instame light

5 Minutes ago
Василиса💒🌙🔮 (satanic.nymph) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Василиса💒🌙🔮:

кудряжки Элизабет

5 Minutes ago
🌟#MakeupURlife🌟 (dottie_doll_1love) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from 🌟#MakeupURlife🌟:

newlook newyear greenvibes gold rpdr rupaulsdragrace lgbt dragmakeup dragqueen dragqueensofinstagram blue smokeyeye lashes katvond ardelllashes alternadivas goth sunflower asteraceae redmakeup artisticmakeup aspiringmua aspiringmakeupartist malemua malemakeup boyswhowearmakeup highlighter thatglow liquidlipstick ftm

5 Minutes ago
Camille (lilcamrli) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Camille:

drawgirldarkhellgothfrenchdraw hdrawingtatoodrawingofthedaygo

5 Minutes ago
Grunge ❦ Aesthetic (4ammoods) Instagram Photos and Videos

Grunge ❦ Aesthetic


Comment from Grunge ❦ Aesthetic:

— im sleepy ————————————————————— d aesthetic deep alcohol love palegrunge indie dark heartless quotes softgrunge goth art aesthetictumblr alternative blackgrunge photography pastelgrunge broken sadgirl smoking grunge bipolar drunk emo anxiety sadboy bands grungegirl tumblr

6 Minutes ago
Tom Morris (t0mbola_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Tom Morris


Comment from Tom Morris:

Harvard guyswithbeards guyswithtattoos guyswithpiercings iphone iphone6s filter fall autumn cold shirt buttonup stripe stripes morning dawn cex work stretchedears stretchedlobes emo goth hustle smart moustache curledmoustache formal grain vignette

6 Minutes ago
🔮 ᴡ x ᴛ ᴄ ʜ 💀 ɢ x ʀ ʟ 🔮 (wxtch_gxrl) Instagram Photos and Videos

🔮 ᴡ x ᴛ ᴄ ʜ 💀 ɢ x ʀ ʟ 🔮


Comment from 🔮 ᴡ x ᴛ ᴄ ʜ 💀 ɢ x ʀ ʟ 🔮:

Trees ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ alternat tattoos softgrunge pagan otaku aesthetic emo pastelgrunge pastelgoth 日本 scene punk goth indie palegrunge animegirl harajuku 原宿 grungegirl kawaiigirl jfashion harajukufashion ifb hipster occult ichiban japan wiccan witch 学校

7 Minutes ago
Kalisto García (kalistogarcia) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kalisto García


Comment from Kalisto García:

Quick sketch made in 2015. Chaos bless you. drawing drawings pencildrawing pencil colorpencils beauty beautygirl chaos dark darkness goth gothic gothgirl kawaii

7 Minutes ago
Marion lct (darth.lovers) Instagram Photos and Videos

Marion lct


Comment from Marion lct:

Ghotique à paillettes uglyanimalslightbeautymakeups keupstrangedarkfollowdailyhell yhellrocknroll ❤monstercurvesh rveshomemomentbackigersgoth a @dh.lovers fire glitterproud

7 Minutes ago
Diary of darkness (darkness_perfection) Instagram Photos and Videos

Diary of darkness


Comment from Diary of darkness:

Fantastic shot by  @oflightanddark ! ♠️Congratulations!♠️ darknaturedarkness  gloomy  gothic  blackflora  darkart  ink  decay  666abandoned  cemetery  darkgraveyard  landscape  sombregoth  horror  darkside  darksoulscreepy  spooky  ominous  artmood  obscurephotoart grime road

8 Minutes ago
Dessi Decay (dessi_decay_official) Instagram Photos and Videos

Dessi Decay


Comment from Dessi Decay:

Getting ready for a day out with me bro goth gothic gothasfuck gothlad horrorpunk ModifiedFormaldehyde DessiDecay

8 Minutes ago
Deborah de Vil (deborah_de_vil_uk) Instagram Photos and Videos

Deborah de Vil


Comment from Deborah de Vil:

My party outfit last night for Sean's birthday, can't beat abit of sparkle! 😘🎉 party partyoutfit selfie familyfun mealwithfamily fiancébirthday dresstoimpressyourself alltheblack sparkle velvet goth deborahdevil

8 Minutes ago
Emily (xx_anxiety_xx_) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Emily:

4:19 got a minute 🌿⛽ . . . . . . . . . aestheti bigglasses blueeyes blackaesthetic red redaesthetic snapchat snapchatfilters nosepiercing pictureoftheday piercings 90aesthetics 4:20 goth loveiswar fall followme like4like

9 Minutes ago
Lizzie (lizziedaniels) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Lizzie:

👻🖤 -- Today's drawing/card is inspired by an old song by @mortiisofficial Creating that foggy moon was a challenge. The reason I love to draw with black and white its because you can create so much depth and mystery. Have a great day everyone! -- drawing sketch card black nightsky melancholy moon dark occult mountains whiteink blackpaper mortiis goth lettering

9 Minutes ago
Looky (look_ing__) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Looky:

꿀꿀해~서 피자 먹었어 . . . . . . dailyphotograp ographyphotoofthedayselfiepico epicofthedaymoodstylefashionbl ionbloggerpicootdmodelfashionp hionphotographyphotographerbla erblackpicturepictureofthedayl edaylookoftheday옷스타그램패션스타그램일상데

1 Hours ago
Angazala Brown (syntheticnightmare) Instagram Photos and Videos

Angazala Brown


Comment from Angazala Brown:

Super stoked today I got the @apple IPhone 8! Ready to create more makeup looks with better quality photos, and videos are to be coming soon! I appreciate everyone who has been supporting me on this and the amazing increase in fallowing and support. 💕 I can only go up from here 😊. Oh also ft Thomas holding the box for mommy 😍——————————————makeuptutorial makeup makeupartist makeupvideos selftought selftaughtartist iphone iphone8 cat catmom catmomlife goth gothic gothglam makeupvideo makeupart makeupbyme

7 Hours ago
Harold Studios El Salvador (haroldstudios) Instagram Photos and Videos

Harold Studios El Salvador


Comment from Harold Studios El Salvador:

prettylittleliars pretty beautiful beauty blonde longhair girlpower girl moda makeup model lips fashion sfs fitness body goth dark punk metal emo death rock hot youtuber youtubers elsalvador linda video films

1 Years ago