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A lot of you girls ask me what dryer and diffuser I use ... The hot tools dryer is very good. It is pretty powerful & dries my hair faster than most of the dryers I have used & I've gone through a few dryers lol. The diffuser it come with isn't bad but I feel it's better for shorter hair since it is smaller ... The diffuser attachment by Ion is very similar to the curlyco one but my sister had purchased this way before and since I saw they were pretty much identical I gave it a go and loved it! It makes my curls nice and bouncy and doesn't disturb my clumps! I'm not knocking curlyco whatsoever since I've never tried it so the choice is yours on which one you choose! ... When it comes to diffusing I alternate between cool & warm heat & low power. I move slowly in between sections when drying to avoid frizz ... HOPE THIS HELPED! ❤