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Тренируюсь хлопать глазами( благо все свое и не отваливается..пока), говорят хорошо помогает отвечать на каверзные вопросы мужа..мол:- Что купила? ..а я так раз раз глазами..-Да все по мелочи..а он мне - А где же деньги?😒, а я ему - Какие деньги, милый? 😍( шютка юмора) ..сбой в инстаграмме удалил мои посты про школу..писать новые лень..вот буду хлопать глазами #маматроихдетей #моясемья #глаза #eyes #beautiful #selfie #instavideo #instamama
중요한 날마다 렌즈 고마워유👀💕 완전 올만에 잠깐 꼈는데도 건조해쥬구까바 걍 빼버리고 뵈는거 없이😂 수업에 집중. 쉬지 못하는 내일의 빨간날을 위해서 👋🏾이제 구만 총총👋🏾 모두 굿빠미요 . . . #daily #diet #pilates #spinning #pt #gx #descente #selca #selfie #healthy #데일리 #일상 #다이어트 #필라테스 #스피닝 #남양주 #피티 #남양주피티 #데상트 #셀카 #셀피 #셀스타그램 #짬요가원 #짬퍼스널트레이닝 #웨이트 #좋아요
Today is Day 2 of the See Yourself-ie Experiment and more people are joining us!!! This Round 2 is going to be epic...I can feel the magic✨already. I went on an intuitive & inspired creative journey of self discovery using selfies as my medium. Looking back at what a powerful healing tool this was for me, I wondered. . .would it be the same for others? I decided to run an experiment. . .The See Yourself-ie Experiment. It was a powerful and transformative experience for the participants. I asked them, what did you enjoy most about the SYS Experiment? ❤Witnessing raw self-expression ❤the community ❤I loved the SYS Experiment because I felt so safe to just show up and express whatever. I liked my photos - even the ones where I was feeling negative emotions. I accepted that I'm beautiful no matter what I feel. ❤I found the experiment healing. Such a great opportunity to look deeper in. ❤Being creative with tech which often scares me. Finding my way to better self expression through a new medium. ❤I felt like I could start to show my authentic self and I felt very comfortable and supported by everyone who participated in the adventure. ❤I felt free to express myself. Safe to be seen. And I had permission to play at my own comfort level. ❤I loved witnessing others witness themselves in a deeply honest and vulnerable way. ❤What I experienced was a revelation! Not only did I overcome my resistance to sharing pictures of myself, as I am, raw and real, I discovered underneath that there were still some stories about not feeling "good enough", lovable or worthy. It showed me how I needed to meet myself with so much more kindness and compassion! I am incredibly grateful for this experience and the confidence and deeper self-love it ignited for me. What a powerful tool for soulful transformation! We are redefining the selfie. . .self-aware, self-love, self-express, the new and improved selfie😉 Inviting you... (link in bio)